Vascular Surgeon’s Patented Pillow Will Improve Your Circulation

Elevate, elevate, elevate….but how? Physician creates simple solution for an extremely common problem.

Time again and again we find ourselves being told by physicians to “elevate”. What they seemed to leave out however is how to elevate.

Vascular surgeon Chris Dickson observed this first hand. He saw that when an order was written to elevate a patient’s legs, they only came back to be found in ridiculous positions. He noted that elevation was instructed, but physicians never gave patients the specifics on how to best do it. After seeing multiple patients in positions that weren’t doing them justice, Dickson posed the question, “what is the most effective way to elevate the legs?” After much research, Dickson learned of the most effective ways to elevate the legs and put it to practice. Combining his research with comfort, Dickson created The Lounge Doctor.

This leg wedge pillow is the only patented leg elevation pillow which correctly positions the lower extremities in order to maximize venous and lymphatic flow. The Lounge Doctor provides ultimate comfort and relaxation with a lightweight design allowing you to take your Lounge Doctor wherever you wish.

“The Lounge Doctor’s mission is to get a Lounge Doctor Leg Rest™ into the home of every person who could benefit from it, and to have fun doing it.”

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