Try This Nail Guru’s Quick Fix For The Perfect French Tip

As the daughter of a hairdresser, April Baxter is no stranger to a beauty salon. And as a woman who loves getting her nails done, she knows the time and money it takes to maintain the elegant look of a flawless French manicure. In search of salon-quality nails that wouldn’t break the bank, she sought out to create an innovative and simple-to-use solution. And that’s why French Tip Dip was born – or as Baxter told HSN, “Out of necessity!”

Baxter spent her childhood days often helping her dad at the salon, sweeping up hair and serving as his favorite guinea pig for testing different styles, perms, color, you name it. But she always had a fascination with nails, and found herself constantly checking out what the nail technicians were doing on the other end of the salon, learning about different techniques and design.

After landing her first job and her first paycheck, the first thing Baxter did was run out and get her nails done. Wanting to maintain the perfect French tips, she was dismayed to realize how expensive her nail habit had become.

Frustrated with all of the trips to the salon and knowing there had to be a better way for ladies like her on a budget she created French Tip Dip as a fool-proof way to get knockout nails in the blink of an eye. Equally as effective for your fingers and your toes, French Dip Tip can be used on natural nails or fake nails, and with any nail polish color of your choice. And it was designed to save everyday women time and money – something Baxter thinks “we should all be passionate about.”

Now patented in the USA, UK, Canada, and with one more patent pending in Brazil, the French Dip Tip is enjoying eleven years of success. Reusable and easily cleaned with nail polish remover, it is also made in the USA and has become one of the most innovative secret weapons every woman should have in their beauty arsenal.

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