This New Mop Design Takes The Ache Out of Cleaning

American Dreams Simple Scrub

A typical visit to Grandma’s sparks the idea of a life-saving invention

Getting down and dirty is now a thing of the past. The Simple Scrub is a safer, more efficient way to clean your bathtub and shower. What most would have called an “a-ha” moment, oil rig supply salesman Bill Manovich refers as an “oh, no!”

A regular visit to see his grandparents left Manovich uneasy, as he saw first-hand how dangerous cleaning can truly be.

“I walked into my grandparents’ house and found my grandmother standing in her bathtub with wet washrags on her feet,” Manovich said.

His grandmother explained that she couldn’t bend down to clean because she couldn’t get back up. Afraid of her slipping and falling, Manovich immediately ran to the store to get his grandmother a safe tub scrubber. When Manovich got to the store however, he found himself having trouble finding one, simply because they do not exist.

After realizing his grandmother was probably not the only elderly woman refusing to give up cleaning, Manovich decided a stand-up scrubber was a necessity.

In 2014 Manovich created a stand-up scrubber with an angled handle. Focusing on ease and efficiency, Manovich teamed up with longtime friend Mike Smith to launch The Simple Scrub Long-Handle Bath and Shower Scrubber in 2015.

“In order to have a good product, you need to solve a problem,” Smith said. “And I knew this product definitely solved a problem.”’

With Simple Scrub, you can stay securely on your feet and OUT of your slippery tub, still reaching the corners, walls and along the waterline. An angled shaft helps improve scrubbing leverage and comfortable grips ensure a no-slip hold. Simple Scrub allows you to scrub, scrub, scrub, while staying out of the tub.

“The Simple Scrub solves the problem of having to get on your hands and knees to clean your bathtub and shower. It offers a safer more efficient solution to an age old problem that everyone hates doing. Including me,” told Manovich.

What was first designed out of necessity and compassion for his grandmother, Manovich has created a safer cleaning solution beneficial to all.

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