Refresh Your Look in a Snap With These Fashion Magnets

My Maggies Fashion Magnets

“Refresh your look in a snap”

Margaret Sinclair is a Queen in the patent world. From creating a line of positioning products for premature babies to designing women’s apparel, Sinclair has done it all. After spending years in the medical field, Sinclair decided to sell one of her medical patents and her medical manufacturing business to fully invent herself in the world of women’s apparel.

In 2012 Sinclair applied for her 8th U.S. Patent and arguably her most exciting invention came to life. She created “My Maggies”, magnetic textile fasteners designed to hold several layers of fabric together. My Maggies makes it possible to wear flat pieces of fabric such as a shawl or scarf in a multitude of new ways. They’re unique in the fact that there is nothing like them in the market. They will not damage fabrics and can be used as a wardrobe staple by women of all ages and sizes.

It’s as easy as grabbing any item of clothing, wrapping it around your body in the desired position, and securing the magnetic sphere of the Maggie on the inside of the fabric and the ring of the Maggie on the outside.

“With Maggies, there’s no excuse for not having something to wear! Revamp your clothing, create a new look, or replace your whole wardrobe with your favorite fabrics.”

Maggies were first launched to retailers at the Accessory Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in 2013. Maggies are made in the U.S. and are sold by specialty boutique retailers.

“Her 29 years of business experience have been invaluable for getting this new invention to the market in such a short period of time.”

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