New Sole Insert Makes Walking In Heels Feel Heavenly

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Insolia proves comfort doesn’t always have to be sacrificed in the name of fashion.

As a podiatrist, Dr. Howard Dananberg consistently saw patients with pain as a result of uncomfortable shoes. With its scientific geometry, Insolia allows you to wear your favorite heels comfortably.

It was no secret to Podiatrist Dr. Howard Dananberg that high-heeled shoes weren’t comfortable. What he couldn’t figure out however, was exactly why they were causing so much pain.

After taking it upon himself to solve the mystery, Dananberg found the answer through simply measuring the forces present when walking and standing in high heels. He found that the poorly designed inside of a high heel was creating a forward weight shift in return causing an imbalance to the wearer’s body. Confident in his ability to fix the ever so common pain, Dananberg designed a heel in which shifted weight backward, properly aligning the body of the wearer. His formulae did the trick and Insolia Heels were brought to life.

Engineer Brian Hughes and lawyer Nick Soloway saw the value in Dr. Dananberg’s design and its potential to help the countless women believing in the beauty is pain mantra. Together Hughes and Soloway teamed up with Dananberg and in 2004, Insolia was founded.

Unlike other insoles, Insolia uses science to correctly alter the uneven weight distribution walking in high heels causes. With its patented, weight-shifting geometry, Insolia promises to take your shoes and your bottom line from great to even better.

Insolia knows that nothing is better than real-world proof. The company allows individuals to send in pairs of shoes prior to purchasing, giving Insolia the perfect chance to prove its capabilities. The inserts are installed in one pair and later compared to the pair without the insert through computerized in-shoe pressure testing. Dr. Dananberg then reviews the results and a complete report is provided to the customer.

“Insolia engineers solutions for healthier feet with a fusion of medical science and advanced engineering.”

The use of Insolia has been proved to reduce oxygen consumption by 10%, reduce heart rate by 5% and reduce the number of steps to walk a set distance over a set time by 5%, improve stability and reduce shoe slippage and foot movement. In addition, tests by men and women have shown an improvement in shoe and walking comfort (HBN Shoes, LLC).

Insolia products have earned the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance and the endorsement of the UK Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

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