Tips to Refresh Your Linen Closet

A new year sparks a chance to give your bedroom a makeover.

If you’ve been delaying the process, why not take advantage of the great sales at HSN to help you get started!

Mattress Pads

Layer a cozy Cottage Collection Mattress Pad as a way to end the day on a fluffy cloud-like softness. People are raving about this mattress pad as it helps ease back pain for a full night of rest. Another great pick would be the Concierge Rx Mattress Pad with top of the line quilted pillows for a similar experience.

Give your guests a great topper to feel right at home with the addition of this luxurious mattress pad. Your family and friends will remember sleeping over at your home while they enjoy extra plushness that this mattress pad has to offer.

Sheets and Blankets

Another way to start off the new year is with a set of new sheets. The Concierge Collection not only offers high-quality mattress pads, but they have a collection of blankets and sheets.

At $59.95, you receive a blanket and sheet combo that is available in many different patterns. Even a fun leopard print is an option!

Color-coordinated sheets and blankets are an easy way to keep your decor in line with the rest of the room.

Complete with a matte finish that is super soft, choose this combo as a breathable, lightweight set to put on all of your beds.

If you want 100% cotton sheets in a higher thread count, consider the Highgate Manor 100% Cotton 400 Count Sheets. Wick away moisture from the body with these sheets that only get softer after each wash.

This sheet set is simply the perfect natural yet luxurious look. If you love the coastal colors to decorate with, these sage and rose colored sheets are the best way to add tranquil tones to your bedroom.

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