Warning: This Chimichurri Sauce Recipe from Curtis Stone is Highly Addictive!

I’m a huge fan of short ribs, but sometimes they just need a little something extra. Enter this savory chimichurri sauce! The fresh spices and red pepper flakes will give them a burst of flavor with a hint of spice, and you only need ten minutes to make it!

Makes: About 1/2 cup

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Make-Ahead: Can be made up to 8 hours ahead, covered, and refrigerated; bring to room temperature before serving.


3 garlic cloves, peeled

1/4 cup fresh cilantro leaves

1/4 cup fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves

1 tbs fresh thyme leaves

1/2 tbs fresh oregano leaves

1 tbs crushed red pepper flakes

Zest of 1 lemon

2 tbs red wine vinegar

1/4 cup olive oil


1. In a food processor, mince garlic.

2. Add cilantro, parsley, thyme, and oregano and process until herbs are coarsely ground.

3. Add red pepper flakes, lemon zest, and vinegar and process to blend.

4. Slowly drizzle in oil while mixing. Season with salt and pepper.

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