A Surf and Turf Recipe That Dad Will Love for Father’s Day

If you ever get a surf and turf appetite we’ve got an amazing recipe to satisfy. Quick and simple, but FULL of delicious flavor that’s perfect for Father’s Day… or any dinner meal or entertaining option.

Our “dad favorite” skewers are a quick fix using the new indoor Philips smokeless grill! Set it up right out the box in minutes and you are ready to cook… grilled favorites without the hassle of going outside or fighting the weather! With how easy it is to set up and clean, you could get to grilling every night.

For this incredibly flavorful recipe, begin with quality Legal Sea Food tiger shrimp and delicious sausage. We also added in sliced pineapple and potatoes to complete the skewers, but you could substitute with any favorite veggie! For slicing, I used the Starfrit Kitchen Shears, which provide 5 essential kitchen functions in a single tool!


  1. Start by thawing the shrimp completely (they come frozen).
  2. Begin to boil your potatoes (we recommend 10 minutes), should be able to skewer without much effort.
  3. Cut up pineapple slices in 1inch thick half moons.
  4. Cut sausage into 1” pieces leaving each a full circle.
  5. Begin sliding 1 piece of sausage first followed by shrimp and pineapple. They should fit really well together and form a nice pattern.
  6. Repeat pattern
  7. Turn on grill heat to high. (Far right setting, the middle setting is just a warmer) 
  8. Place skewers on grill. Cook each side 6 minutes or until shrimp tails begin turning red.
  9. Place potatoes loosely on grill and turn along with skewers at 6 minutes

While skewers are cooking you can bake other vegetables as well, we make asparagus.

Note: place on a baking sheet with lightly sprayed olive oil and some sea salt and bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes 

Makes 4-6 servings

We’d love to hear what you think!! This recipe was a hit with our whole family!

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