Festive Brownie Cake Popsicles That Will Be a Hit This Summer!

Summer has arrived! Here in Florida the heat gets a bit intense which limits our outside time a bit. Between water time, movie nights, and summer inspired eats we soak up the season in all the best ways possible. It is such a fun season, and the perfect season for cold treats. Speaking of cold treats, in the summer you typically only have minutes before the meltdown occurs. If you’re hosting a summer party or just looking for a unique summer treat I have a fun alternative to melting sweets. Beat the heat with summer brownie popsicles! Get the fun recipe and decorating details below.

I had such a blast making these summer brownie popsicles and was pleasantly surprised by how easy they were to create. If you’re looking for a sweet fix this will do the trick. These summer friendly snacks are very sweet, so I suggest handing out your brownie popsicles to all your besties this season. These are going to be a hit with kids and at summer themed parties!


Hand Mixer

Baking Sheet

Measuring Cups

Brownie recipe from the Kitchen Confidence Cookbook or brownie recipe of choice


Unsalted butter


Vanilla extract


All-purpose flour

Unsweetened cocoa powder


Walnuts (optional)


Melting chocolate in color(s) of choice


Popsicle Sticks


1. Create brownies as instructed by the Kitchen Confidence cookbook. I opted for Kelsey Nixon’s fudge mint brownies because they’re so delicious, just omit the mint frosting section. This cookbook has introduced a handful of recipes to me and they are easy to adapt and change to your liking and/or the occasion such as these brownie popsicles.

2. Cut brownies into squares and set out on a great quality non stick baking pan.

3. Insert popsicle sticks. Be sure to insert the popsicle sticks far to support the entire brownie.

4. Melt chocolate as directed.

5. Dip the brownies in the chocolate of choice. Using a spoon add additional chocolate to all areas of the brownie to give the ice cream/popsicle look.

6. Sprinkle the popsicles immediately. This the fun part! Add additional chocolate or unique toppings and have fun decorating.

7. Set the baking sheet in the fridge to allow the melted chocolate to cool and harden to the brownie.

8. Remove and serve! The summer brownie popsicles can sit at room temperature for company to enjoy and stored in an airtight container.

Cheers to summer fun and beating the heat!

  1. These browines homemade from scratch just like I remember my mother teaching me and baking in our home I grew up in not only is such a lovely memory and tradition but a much healthier choice for families and individuals today. The flavor, smell in the kitchen and knowing you are in control of what is in your recipe and ingredients is not only awesome but allows us to control calories and make the choices needed individuals want or need.Thank you for sharing.
    Susan from Mass.

  2. Looks like something my family would enjoy. They love brownies and I love working with chocolate. Thanks for sharing this recipe. maryann228

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