Everything You Need to Host a Summer Seafood Broil

To me, there’s nothing better than good laughs and good conversation around the table. Nothing promotes this more than an “all-hands-on” style dinner. Take away the flatware and you’ve got yourself a party at the table, no matter the season or festivities.

To my kids, there’s nothing better than what seems like an endless supply of seafood, and a seafood boil is a perfect way to make it all happen in one big, entertaining meal.

The food at a seafood boil truly is the fun part! Not only is it lip smacking, it also doubles as a centerpiece and an activity as it’s spread out across the middle of the table for everyone to “serve themselves”! Grab a large pot or two and get the water boiling. We love our Food & Wine 12qt stock pot to really get the meal cooking (no pun intended).

The Symon Home 3-piece Stainless Steel Knife Set and Symon Home 3-piece Acacia Wood Tool Set not only look great, they make all the prep work and cooking so easy!

Seafood Broil Instructions:

-Boil a large pot of water

-Add 3 tbsp (or more!) seafood seasoning

-Add 12 red or new potatoes

-Cut 3 lbs cooked kielbasa into 1” pieces and add to pot

-Peel cloves from a head of garlic and add to the pot

– Cook for ten minutes

-Add 4-8 ears halved corn on the cob

-Add 2-4 lbs crab, chopped into pieces (optional)

-Cook for another five minutes

-Add Legal Seafood shrimp

-Add 2 lemons, halved

-Cook another 3-4 minutes

Drain water and pour contents onto a table covered in butcher or craft paper and layers of newspaper!

If you’re adding lobster to your seafood boil, which we love this Legal Seafood lobster, just cook in a separate pot and add to the table as well.

Don’t forget to stock the table with plenty of decorative cloth napkins, a few forks for those little bits that are hard to grab with fingers and then let the fun unfold. Plus, you’ve already lined your table with newspaper, so when you’re all done just wrap up anything you need to discard with the paper and clean up is just about finished!

So are you ready for your own summer seafood boil? Go for it!

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