DIY Margarita Cart For Your Cinco de Mayo Party

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like a festive margarita bar! Who’s gearing up to celebrate with friends in just a few weeks? From bar cart styling to must have margaritas I have you covered this year. To get you ready for the May 5th celebration here are my top bar cart styling tips and 3 margarita recipes. Get all the details below.

First let’s chat bar cart styling for Cinco de Mayo. Here are 3 ways to style your bar cart with ease this Cinco de Mayo.

1. Incorporate multiple drinks in a variety of glasses. There’s no rule to styling a bar cart but I’m all about mix match while staying in pattern. I used soft pink, white with green, and yellow glasses to add in the perfect pops of color for this margarita spread. The colors and patterns should flow as shown on this display.

2. Don’t hide the blender. Choose one in a great color, similar to this DASH blender. It comes in a variety of punchy colors, that would look great in any kitchen. Refilling glasses directly from the blender is fun and part of living the moment during the celebration. Let your blender be part of the decor and incorporate limes and complementary patterns around the blender too.

3. Use fabric in different ways. Consider using table runners as drapery. For this display I took a table runner and hung it over the bar cart for a dramatic flair and to add personality to the display. When adding in additional pops of color fabric is a good go to!

Now let’s dive into the good stuff, margaritas!

The serving size for the recipes call for a small pitcher. Each recipe offers a different flavor and different level of tequila making them a great variety for guests to sample ad enjoy.

Classic Margarita Recipe

2 shots of tequila

1 shot of triple sec

1 12oz container of limeade

2-3 cups of ice

Combine all ingredients, stir and serve

Optional: dip rim in lime juice and add salt

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

4 shots of tequila

2 shots of triple sec

2 cups of ice

1 12oz container of limeade

Blend on frozen setting and serve

Optional: dip rim in lime juice and add salt

Frothy Orange Margarita

3 shots of tequila

2 shots of triple sec

2 cups of fresh squeezed orange juice

2 cups of ice

Blend on crush or ice setting and serve

Optional: dip rim in orange juice and add sugar

Enjoy decorating your bar cart and making legendary margaritas this Cinco de Mayo.

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