A Crowd Pleasing Crispy Chicken Wing Recipe

Happy National Chicken Wing Day!! There is a national day for just about everything, #AmIRight?! But I have to say, chicken wings are totally a national classic!

The crispy exterior, the juicy bites of chicken, the easy dish to serve AND eat – whether as an app, party favorite or meal – it’s something that every home kitchen should be able to serve up. Yet, the thought of frying in-home can sometimes be a scary concept.

Enter the air fryer!

Now, we can deliver that golden, crispy skinned goodness, without the fear of burning oil and without adding all of that extra fat and calories!

In fact, with the Elite Bistro Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer, it’s easier than ever to whip up chicken wings (for National Chicken Day, game day or just any day of the week), with the juiciest meat while still getting that crispy skin.

We had fun trying out a range of spice blends with our chicken wings and loved all of the flavor combinations at our finger tips. Use them as dry rubs before air frying (or even before grilling) or add them to dips and sauces for a punch of flavor… we did both!

After using the spice blends as a dry rub on some of our chicken wings, we made up some sauces, both to use to coat some wings before frying and to save as a dipping sauce, and then tossed the wings into the air fryer for about 15 minutes. Voila, deliciously juicy wings!

Serve then up with some options from the Terrapin Ridge Farms Garnishing pack and protein packed Ips Chips, and you’ve got a feast that is full of flavor without being full of guilt!

What are you serving up for National Chicken Wing Day?

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