Kitchen Tools to Make Your Breakfast Simple, Quick and Easy!

I know we’ve all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and while scientists and nutritionists might not stress that so much now a days, I still think it’s fair to say that it is important. I believe a good healthy breakfast gives you the energy and fuel to start your day on the right foot. When it comes to being a family of 6, meal times can seem a bit daunting and… I’ll say it… time consuming.

With the right tools, however, I believe you can be the queen of your kitchen and the clock.

First off, a set of truly non-stick pans can save you so much time, and headache, in the kitchen. I’m loving my Ming Ceramic Nonstick set because I can cook up eggs, bacon, or those random mornings we decided to go for pancakes… and everything cooks evenly while leaving cleanup a breeze! If you haven’t gone non-stick yet, now is definitely the time to try it, and especially when you can get it looking so beautiful in colors like hammered copper and gold.

Now, not every kitchen needs a portable induction burner, but if you’re in need of one that heats up quickly or you’re planning a big get together or brunch, adding another burner can be SO helpful! Ming’s induction burner gives you quick, efficient heating and even has a timer to help avoid overcooking in case you get caught up! If you’re not a fan of your current stove top, have a big family, or like to entertain, this can come in so handy.

To get a quick and healthy breakfast done quickly, every kitchen should have a great blender (or juicer!). We love our Wolfgang Puck Commercial Blender, because we can go from smoothies, to smoothie bowls and acai bowls with ease and quick cleanup… and then it’s ready to help prepare dinner too!

Speaking of a juicer, like we mentioned, there’s truly nothing like the nutritional boost and taste of a fresh juice! Having a juicer on hand that takes the effort out of doing it all by hand and gives you fresh juice with all the flavor you want, but none of the extras found in store-bought brands.

A specialty is poached eggs, and while they’re not easy to master, Wolfgang Puck came to the rescue with this nonstick skillet with egg poachers. Now it’s easier than ever to get poached, scrambled or sunny side up eggs on the table. And again, the nonstick surfaces make it easy to keep your eggs just how you like them while keeping clean up quick and easy!

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