Get Organized for a Clean and Stylish Home

Are you guys ready? This is the year to get organized! We’ve talked a lot about organizing different areas of your home and steps to take. With how busy we all are (as I’m sure you are!), it’s hard sometimes to get and stay organized.

The thing is, when we don’t have a place to put our things, and easy accessibility, we can spend our days cleaning, tidying and finding places to put things, move things… around and around until we find a landing place.

I love this quote by William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful…”

So today, I want to give you the motivation, the ideas and the permission to go ahead and think of an area or two in your home that you can purge, you can clean out, tidy up and downsize. When we have just what we need and everywhere has a place to belong, we won’t spend so much time having to tidy up and find places to put things… we’ll have more time to really live and enjoy life!

If you’re on the fence about where to start, just pick a space or two, a room or even a category in your home and go for it! Today, we’re sharing some great home storage solutions to make your cleaning, purging and organizing that much easier, and more stylish as well!

First, Origami has some amazing options for shelving, that can fit in any room of your home! Like the Large Heavy Duty Racks that have up to 1000 lb. capacity… organize all those odds and ends taking up extra room with this wheeled, durable folding rack. With the easy assembly and a fast-folding design it only took us moments to pull out of the box and set up, which meant organizing our items within minutes of its arrival. It’s shelving that’s perfect for the laundry room, garage, family rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, garden areas and more.

The same goes for the Origami 3-Tier Folding Rack, it sets up in seconds and can be used in any room of the house! We’ve loved having ours for a portable homework station, we’ve got one with laundry supplies and I have one next to the desk in my office! Another plus? No matter your color palette, Origami has a product that will compliment it with a huge range of options.

Another place for great storage solutions is right over the door! Origami has a few easy options here as well, and this Over-the-Door Jewelry Armoire is SUCH a great way to keep jewelry organized, but I also love using it for so much more. We actually have one mounted to the wall in my girls’ room and they love having access to the mirror and also keep some makeup, nail and beauty items, as well as jewelry, tucked safely away. To mount over the door, it has everything you need to quickly attach the bracket and hang… and this option is great since it’s not permanent, just hang and you’re ready to use. Easily move to another door if you need a change.

So, if you could choose an area to purge and organize right now, what would it be? I’m sure we have some solutions to help!

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