Everything You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Everything You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep
Concierge Collection Cooling Mattress Pad

Everything You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep
Concierge Rx CoolMax All-Season 4-piece Sheet Set

Everything You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep
Concierge Collection Ultra Cool Pillow 2-pack

Everything You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep
HoMedics Deep Sleep Whole Room Sound Machine

Everything You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep
Pure Enrichment PureSpa Aroma Diffuser with Oil

Everything You Need for a Good Night’s Sleep
Foot Petals Critter Slipper and Sleep Mask Set

The little league championship, the baby shower and the big team building event at the office all have one thing in common—they will all be the longest day of your life without a good night’s sleep!  A quality amount of shut-eye can be as restorative as a weekend at the spa, and the with the right combination of tools and routines it’s easy to create that restful slumber environment that can get you recharged and reset for all the activities on your calendar. Get ready to hit that snooze button!

 Create A Cool Foundation

During the sticky summer months it’s key to have a cool comfy place to snuggle up into bed and rest the day away. Trapped heat stored in a mattress can wreak havoc on sleep patterns so I love that this mattress pad from Concierge Collection has cool to the touch material and hypoallergenic fill.  With HSN’s Flex Pay option you can purchase sizes from twin to California king so there’s a size that’s cool with everyone in the house.

Jumping into a bed with fresh new sheets is like drinking a cold glass of lemonade on a sweltering August night. This affordable sheet set from Concierge Rx is a great option for hot nights because the wicking performance material helps to keep you dry and feeling cooler to induce deeper sleep. Also with six colors to choose from from like aqua, lavender or crisp white there’s a style that suits any season.

Of course we can’t forget about the pillow! This 2-pack pillow set from Concierge Collection has an ultra cooling technology that absorbs heat while providing a cool feeling. This pillow is soft-to-the-touch, but also offers support for all sleeping positions.

Introduce Sounds and Scents

 It may sound like an oxymoron, but adding white noise sounds via a sleep machine can drown out the chaos and stimuli from outside your sleep space and help to relax the mind for a more peaceful slumber.  Noisy neighbors, roommates that stay up late and sounds from pets or the TV can all be contributing factors to an interrupted snooze.  How cool is this oil diffuser from Pure Enrichment? Sync it to your phone and let it prepare your mind for sleep and then set the energizing mode with coordinating lights and sounds to add some pep to waking up refreshed.

Create a spa like environment in your dream room and every night you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to paradise! Taking just a few minutes to mediate and clear the mind of the day’s thoughts can do wonders for relaxation. It may take a few attempts to get into a tranquil routine but trust me, it is so worth the effort.  Check out this innovative bluetooth oil diffuser from Artnaturals and step into your own personal zen zone! Three aromatherapy scents melt stress away and I love the natural wood design that adds a modern stylish touch.  Just add some cozy fuzzy slippers and your dream zone transformation will be complete. Happy snoozing!

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  1. I would love to order the Concierge Collection sheets…..but you don’t make sheets for Sleep Number users. Please you need to have Split King Sheets bedding options. Waiting …..

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