How to Create the Ultimate Gift Wrapping Station

Creating a beautifully wrapped gift adds a special touch to any occasion – but having to drag everything out and find a space on your kitchen table makes it a real chore. Origami to the rescue!  We turned the Origami Craft Cart in to a gift wrapping cart and this is going to take our gift giving to a whole new level. Best of all, this wheeled cart is portable so you can store it in a closet when not in use.

The cart is very easy to assemble – it took me less than five minutes and everything I needed was in the box when it arrived. Click here for step by step instructions on putting your cart together.

The cart has six drawers and two shelves, which means I have lots of room to not only store my gift wrapping supplies, but I can cut the paper and wrap the gifts all in one spot!

The sturdy top shelf holds my Anna Griffin Gift Wrap Dispenser, with plenty of work space for cutting the gift wrap smoothly and cleanly.

The top four drawers allow me to sort all of my supplies by type – tissue paper, smaller rolls of gift wrap, gift boxes etc. I tend to have a lot of loose tags laying around, so the Totally Tiffany Stamp Storage bag was perfect for keeping them all together and visible.

These drawers have so much room they fit ALL of my ribbon stash!

Thanks to the two deep drawers at the bottom of the cart I can also store my bulkier items (and things I have the most of) like paper shred and gift bags of every shape and size.

This gift wrapping cart saves me so much time and space – no more trying to find the box of ribbon and the gift tags in a drawer and the gift wrap on the floor of the closet. Now all of my in supplies are in one spot, handy and organized when I need to wrap a gift – especially at the last minute!

This cart has made me excited about gift wrapping again – grab yours today and let’s make every gift giving occasion a little more special!

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