3 Innovative Items To Help You Get Organized

Spring is in the air and so is the chance to finally get organized.

Take some time out this weekend to approach clean-ups in your home that have been bugging you since the beginning of the year.

Here are three innovative products to kick start the process to a happier, organized life!

1. JOY 32pc Ultimate Closet Organization with Huggable Hangers®

Familiar with Joy Mangano, the brilliant inventor behind huggable hangers? Well, she’s designed a new way to manage the clutter inside your closet with the Ultimate Closet Organization set that includes a hanging organizer, soft huggable hangers, and under the bed storage bins galore.

The total retail value of this innovative set can run over $130, but you can obtain the entire 32pc set for just $49. The color choices are also extremely diverse so you can narrow down your favorite styles depending on the colors found in your bedroom.

Simplify your bedroom organization plan with Joy’s complete closet essentials. Eliminate overstuffing winter clothes in odd places and contain them under your bed with the two clear zippered foldable boxes, which on their own retail for $40!

2.  iRobot Roomba

If you don’t already have a small robot circling around each room in your house picking up after the family, then now is the time to get one. The innovative iRobot Roomba can be programmed to do all the dirty work for you at whatever hour you want.

Your floors have never looked so clean after a round of the iRobot! They are easy to set up and make life even easier. Let the smart iRobot take care of mundane tasks that give you more time to focus on important household chores, such as finishing up laundry.


3. FreshPaper Food Savers

One final innovative product you need to declutter your life this spring is FreshPaper. Inspired by her Grandma’s home remedy, Kavita Shukla developed a pack of paper to maintain fruit and vegetable freshness.

Save money with FreshPaper in your home. You’ll never want to run out of these products. Spend less time heading back to the grocery store to stock up on my food because FreshPaper is an innovative way to keep food fresher than ever!

Stop throwing out fruit in a few days and make them last for a few weeks once you insert a sheet of FreshPaper inside wherever you store your food.

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