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Skin is the biggest organ of the human body, so why skimp when it comes to a beauty routine? Keeping a consistent skin regime with quality ingredients I can trust is key to getting that youthful, dewy glow. Ok, maybe I don’t want to look exactly like a Kardashian, but a little skin refreshing is always on my to-do list.

With literally thousands of options, it can be hard to cut through the clutter and get to the skincare products that actually produce results. Skinn Cosmetics is no newbie to the world of beauty. They pride themselves on only using the most effective ingredients, no fuss packaging and focus on results that speak for themselves. That’s why I’m getting all the heart eyes that they are now available at HSN! From cult favorites to cutting edge innovations, read on for the top 10 beauty must-have products that will get you fresh-faced and fabulous.


Say goodbye to dull skin with fan favorite DermAppeal Microderm Abrasion  Beauty Treatment. Reveal the soft, supple skin just below the surface using the unique power of VC5 Crystal Technology, a formulation with five stabilized forms of Vitamin C. It’s a refreshing way to get a spa-like treatment at home, without the spa price! Try the version formulated for the body and the neck area to get that new skin rejuvenation feeling from head to toe.


A serum is going to deliver a highly concentrated dose of skin loving ingredients and really set the foundation of your beauty routine. After cleansing, rub the PEP40 Sérum Riche Multi-Matrix With 40% Peptide Complex in circular motions to help to tighten, plump and firm the look of skin. Packed with powerful polypeptides that work to stimulate collagen production, this exclusive to HSN serum is the perfect blend of science and practicality. For a serum that boosts the power of healthy olive oil to hydrate and protects the delicate facial skin, try the Oleo Anti-Aging Serum. This one works hard to keep the moisture in and the bad stuff like air pollution, out.

Don’t forget about the skin just to the south of the face, the overlooked neck area. Neck skin can get particularly thin and increase in sagging as we age–no thanks! Adding a serum that is designed specifically for this delicate area to your skincare routine can help to lift, moisturize and gently exfoliate. Apply the Skinn Cosmetics Neck Armour Serum to the neck, décolleté and jawline with upward strokes after cleansing for a radiant, firm glow.


After serums, nothing is more important than an ultra-effective moisturizer to hydrate, plump and protect the skin from environmental irritants. Get a dose of powerful fruit and hyaluronic acids with the luxurious PEP40 Peptide Skincare Face Cream. Smooth on after the PEP40 Serum twice a day for an improved look of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin radiance.

If uneven skin tone is your beauty nemesis, fight back with the Skinn Cosmetics Collagensis Crème Reverse Intensive Daily Treatment. This rich and intense multi-tasking best buy has been proven to help diminish the visible signs of aging while improving skin texture and tone.  There’s even an option that works while you sleep–it’s like your beauty superhero!

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul so keep those peepers fresh and cool with the innovative Skinn Cosmetics Ice Depuffing Eye Moisture Balm. Toss this handy eye treatment in your bag to soothe and improve the appearance of puffy or tired eyes. The botanical extracts will deliver a cooling sensation that will leave you feeling refreshed, whenever you need it!

  1. Thank goodness I found Dimitri … I have been using his products for around 2 years . I use his non-negotiables AM and PM plus the Neck Amour . My skin was so dry it was actually sore , so much improvement in my skin. I also use the Dermappeal , adjust with water on how thick you want it . I would never recommend products that I was not using or encourage others to buy. Free shipping is great, the other network did not offer that service . Look at the back of all the products you use on your skin and hair, they will all list water as the first ingredient. So you are buying fancy smelling water. Non of these products have water at the beginning !! Thank you for your amazing products Dimitri

  2. I have been a Skinn girl for about 7years. I am 47yrs young and easily look 15 yrs younger than my age. My whole family use his products because they work! He really puts his heart and education into the products. He doesn’t have to share this with us because he is already a successful manufacturer, but this cosmetic line is his baby and he cant help but dote on it openly and share his secret. So I challenge you grab a product of your choice and change the Skinn you live in. You wont look back. By the way look at pictures of his customers online they all have beautiful, beautiful skin to prove it. Darla

  3. I just LOVE this line of SKINNcare and Demetri too! I’m super excited that he’s on HSN (my fav electronic shop channel) thanks to both HSN & Demetri for making this amazing affordable product line available. Anyone who hasn’t tried it, hurry! Everything sells out fast because it’s AWESOME!!!

  4. I have been using Mr James’ Skinn products for over 4 yrs. Some people say I look 10 to 15 yrs. younger than 67!! I use all his cleansers, dermappeal, & neck armour. I use the Pep40 products in the morning & the Collagenesis collection at night. His packaging may not be ‘top of the line’ but, who cares, I want the ‘top of the line’ product which this is IT!!! Mr James is also always improving his products with the newest technology. Love, love, love Skinn!!!! So happy to see him on HSN…..HSN is the best!
    PS – I need the ‘Take the Weekend off’ creme, Collagenesis CC foundation, & the Hydro-Vital Eye creme…I’m dangerously low on all of these…help…

    Christine in Ohio

  5. Dimitri, So glad to find you at Hsn…..am a fan and a customer … Your non- negotiable’s are the best. I have followed you for years and am so happy you are back!! All the best..

  6. I’m sorry I missed Dimitri’s premiere but I had to leave a comment and I was unable to leave a review for the non-negotiables due to not having purchased them through Hsn but I have through Evine and I currently use this kit. These products are phenomenal and they work so well with my sensitive skin. I have tried many brands over the years before Skinn and periodically tried other brands when I have run out or just needed to save some money but I always come back to Skinn. The non negotiables kit will get your skin heading in the right direction and to take your skin to another level just add one of Skinn’s serum, moisture cream, and exfoliate and you can look as good as Dimitri. No joke.

  7. Skinn products ARE the BEST made!! I don’t understand why HSN doesn’t have Skinn products on more hours???? On Evine they were on each month & many hours. And why doesn’t HSN let Skinn bring on as many products as they want. I heard from a HSN customer service rep that HSN is only letting Skinn bring a small amount of Skinn products!!!! Skinn products were the number one beauty products for EVINE. What’s wrong with HSN????

    1. I agree. I’m a long time HSN customer and have used Skinn for 20 years. Best products ever!! I’ve purchased many, many $$ of his product. He sells his products but he also teaches. Hes a wealth of knowledge. While I love your wonderful HSN host family, they need to introduce the product and let him take over. He knows what to do. I admit to being very disappointed in his visits thus far but not because of him. Please bring more product line in and give him more shows and longer segments. Thanks for listening HSN❤

  8. Love the Skinn Line! And have been a customer for YEARS and am so thankful for Demetrius and now his sister. It’s like having my own esthetician in my home. I have tried most everything and every chance I get I watch him and record his show and I learn something new every time. Such a pleasure to watch him what a great spirit you have Demetrius thank you for all you do for us! And a big thank you to HSN!

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