How To Create a Personalized Notebook Out of Greeting Cards

Having a stack of greeting cards doesn’t have to collect dust anymore while you wait for an occasion to use them. Although snail mail isn’t a lost art, there are other ways you can put your blank greeting cards to great use. For example, you can create notebooks by using plain white paper, a few staples, and the greeting card as your cover.

Think of the endless possibilities when it comes to list making, jotting down ideas, recipes, and the list goes on. You can never truly have too many notebooks. So, grab your greeting cards and get ready to create notebooks for you, your friends and family. And just in case you don’t have any greeting cards to use, we have the perfect ones that you can personalize.


Anna Griffin® Classical Arrangement Color Set
Anna Griffin® Treasury Cards
White paper
Stapler and staples
Anna Griffin® Craft Essential Tool Set
Tombow Xtreme Adhesive Applicator
Makers or colored pencils


1. Make your soon to be notebook personalized by coloring an Anna Griffin® Classical Arrangement Card in your favorite colors. Short on time? Then start with an Anna Griffin® Treasury Card.

2. Fold a few sheets of white paper in half. Then place, or stack, the papers one inside the other until they’re all together.

3. Open your greeting card and align the creased line of the card to the creased line of the paper.

4. Using a stapler, apply three staples along the creased line to secure the pages. This is possible by using the We R Memory Stapler that allows you to get to the center of the card.

5. Now that you have secured the pages, close your notebook. There will be excess paper sticking out on the sides that you’ll need to cut. This is easily done with a paper cutter for an even and smooth finish.

6. Leave your new notebook as is or you can add embellishments to the front by using the Tombow Xtreme Adhesive Applicator.

Learning how to create your own notebook is certainly going to come in handy when it comes to jotting things down. Having trouble thinking of what you can write in your new notebook? Let us help you out with our top 5 ways to use a notebook.

Recipe Keeper or Food Tracker – Need a place to write down your favorite recipes or to keep track of what you’ve eaten throughout the day? Now you can! Create your own layout for recipes and enjoy.

Gratitude Notes– Start and/or end your day by jotting down something that gives you gratitude. You’ll be amazed at how the little things in life bring so much joy.

Bullet Journaling-  This type of journaling is a great way to organize the things going on in your life. You can keep track of anything from to-do lists, a calendar, spending and so much more. This unique way of journaling allows you to mix in your personality by adding your own illustrations and colors.

Gardening-  Trying to up your green thumb game? Keep track of watering schedules, the amount of sunlight and other tips and tricks when it comes to caring for plants with your new notebook.

Lettering Practice Book- Create yourself a notebook where you can practice hand lettering. Make sure to hold onto it so when your hand lettering takes off, you have a whole notebook showing where you started and how far you’ve come.

What will you be placing in your new notebooks?

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