4th of July Centerpieces That Will Steal the Show

Every year as 4th of July approaches, I start planning our annual cookout. Besides all the delicious food and the abundance of fireworks, I love decorating for this event. My go to is always creating a tablescape with different centerpieces that will certainly steal the show.  And it all begins with the jar you’ll use. So, before we dive into my top three centerpiece designs that get your guests involved, let’s start with how to paint your own 4th of July jars for that extra special touch.


1. Paint your jar all white except for the rim. For the best results, apply two coats of white paint allowing the paint to dry between coats.

2. Once the white paint is dry, wrap painter’s tape around your jar to create the straight lines that you’ll be painting. Press the tape firmly to jar to avoid paint seeping underneath.

3. Apply two coats of red or blue paint on the exposed white areas. Pull the painter’s tape off carefully as soon as you’re done applying the second coat of paint to avoid pulling any paint off the jar. You can stop here or add to your design. Once you’re done painting, allow the jar to fully dry.

4. You’ll want to seal your freshly painted jar by applying the Vicki Boutin glaze over the painted areas. You can choose between a glossy or matte finish for a flawless final look.

This is just one example of what you can paint on your jars to use as part of your 4th of July centerpieces. Have fun thinking of your own designs or by using this one.

Now that your jars are painted, here are three different centerpieces to put on display during your 4th of July gathering. Not only are these the perfect touch to the festive décor, but they’ll also help get your guests involved in the festivities.

Flowers with Miniature Patriotic Flags

Flowers are always a go to for centerpieces. Create the ultimate 4th of July floral arrangement by using faux or real flowers in the combination of red, white, and blue. Add a few miniature patriotic flags as an extra special touch. Guests can grab the flags throughout the event to use as part of the celebration. If you decide to use real flowers, allow the guests to take a few home to enjoy. It’s the perfect party favor!

All Things that Sparkle

What’s 4th of July without all the sparkles and fireworks? For this centerpiece you’ll use décor pieces that sparkle. Think glitter, sequins, or anything with a shimmer. The focus of this centerpiece will be the sparklers that are mixed in. Which also means there’s no need to worry about passing out sparklers. When it’s time to light the fireworks, your friends and family can easily grab a sparkler from the centerpiece to light during the firework show.

Dessert is Served

For the third and final centerpiece, this one is all about dessert. Every cookout includes a delicious dessert to wrap up the meal. But why stop there? Attach a 4th of July themed dessert to a skewer and use them to create a centerpiece in your painted jar. By adding a foam piece in the jar, you can easily style your dessert. Place the dessert centerpieces on the tables and guests can easily grab a sweet treat before, during, or after their meal.

How will you be celebrating 4th of July this year? We’d love to hear how you’ll celebrating with friends and family!

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