Strengthen Your Core With These 3 Easy Exercises

When thinking about working the core, most people think of just the abdominals.  However, the trunk and spine are also major players in this area of the body.  Every movement in the body starts from the core (trunk and spine) and progresses out. Making sure this area of the body is functioning at the highest level is key to proper strength and conditioning! 

Today, I’m sharing three exercises that will help strengthen this area.  Add these movements into your workout to change it up and challenge your body.  Always be mindful of proper form and technique.  With core exercises, keep in mind “quality over quantity!”  And, remember not to overdo it…progress slowly to avoid injury!

Move One:  Opposite Arm/Leg Raise

Challenge the posterior muscles of the spine as you integrate glute and opposite shoulder movement with this exercise.  Aim for 10 repetitions on each side, completing one side before switching to the other.  Count to three as you move your arm/leg out and back in, holding for one second when fully extended.

Move Two:  Trunk Flexion with Rotation

This exercise will work abdominal muscles that flex and rotate the spine. Focusing on flexing the upper spine before you rotate will increase the contraction of the muscles involved. Aim for 20 reps, 10 repetitions on each side.  Be sure to breathe (don’t hold your breath!) and maintain a neutral neck position.

Move Three:  Forward Roll

(with the Go Fit Ab Wheel)

This is an advanced movement!  It’s a great way to eccentrically train and load the lats and stabilize muscles around the spine and trunk.  Move slowly when completing this exercise and do only as many as you can with good form.  Be cautious to protect your shoulders during this movement.  You don’t have to fully extend to get the benefits.

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Enjoy your workout and thanks for stopping by! 

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