Summer Jewelry Styles That Will be an Accessory to Your Confidence

We all have our go to outfits that we feel amazing and confident in. But why stop there? When your confidence is already beaming, take it a step further by pairing your favorite pieces of clothing with new accessories.

From a layered necklace to a set of bracelets that will become your go-to, it’s time to pick out a few more pieces to add to your jewelry collection. Perhaps you’ll like one or all of them. Either way, you’re about to discover new pieces that will be an accessory to your confidence. Because, let’s be honest, when you already feel great about what you’re wearing, you’ll just be adding to that confidence with these one of a kind pieces.

Let’s start with two favorites that can be worn together or separate. I’m talking about the “Cactus” Multi-Layer Fringe Necklace and the 2-stone Wide Hinged Bangle by Danielle Nicole. These jewelry pieces will add design to any outfit that you had no idea you needed until now. It’s a way to bring style to a casual, relaxed outfit for any modern woman. The textured layers and milky quartz stones are a few of the features that make these must have pieces.

If you’re wanting to try layers with bracelets, then these Devoted Jewelry Multitone bracelets in Howlite and Sodalite will be your go to accessory. From the blue hues to the marble designs mixed with gold, you can’t go wrong with either set.

Add a little fun and pop of color to your outfit with this R.J. Graziano Multicolor Tassel Drop Chain necklace. Perfect with a pair of dark denim jeans and a solid color shirt as they sway with your movements.

If you want to have a little more fun with color and add sparkle, then look no further! This Deepa Gurnani® Beaded Wire Head Wrap is perfect for those hot summer days and wanting to show others just how confident you are when humidity throws a curveball your way with your outfit and hair. Wear this dreamy piece with your hair up or down if you prefer.

For those days that need a little more motivation to get things done, allow this Good Work(s) “To Remain in Him” Tree and Key necklace to inspire just that. With the key and tree adorned with inspiring words, this piece of jewelry will certainly evoke feelings of confidence and gratitude as you take on the day.

Which piece will you be adding to your jewelry collection?

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