Protect Your Skin From The Winter With These 3 Easy Beauty Tips

With the turn of the calendar pages of the new year, come new beginnings. So why not turn the page on our skincare and add a little life to our routine?!

Whether you like to keep things simple or love the feel of having a spa at your fingertips, here are a few luxurious skincare treats we’ve been trying that will have you feeling like you didn’t just stay up all night for your New Years Eve festivities.

1. Use These Hydrating Products

Yep, chugging that glass of water you’ll keep by your side will definitely help, but I’m talking about drenching your skin with hydration as well. For radiant, glowing skin try these detox pads and hydrating serum. Or let your inner sleeping beauty wake with refreshed skin by trying this overnight illuminating mask!

I’m telling you, glowing, hydrated skin is happy skin…. perfect for NYE, and of course, helping to keep you radiant all year long; which is another reason I’ve added this glorious Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Oil to my arsenal.

2. Stay Protected From The Sun

Oh yes, you might not feel the heat from the sun all year but your skin definitely does. You can’t forget the hydration without sunscreen! Year-round, our skin can show signs of aging from the effects of unprotected skin. Solve it with a sunscreen moisturizer.

Speaking of aging, tackle the signs of aging while you sleep.

Overnight serums are such a great way to treat your skin! You (should) already have a freshly washed face, you don’t have to worry about the sun… just apply and let your skin be refreshed while you are as well!

Start with a good cleanser to get rid of impurities, follow up with an exfoliator for fresh skin and then let the anti-aging overnight serum work its beauty magic while you sleep.

3. Don’t Forget The Décolleté!

My mom always used to tell me that if we forget about our neck, it’ll tell on us later. Don’t let that delicate neck and décolleté skin age while you only focus on your face. This year, add in a cream to firm and soothe that precious skin. And while we’re on the subject, keep a great eye cream or this peptide eye gel on hand to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness!

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