How to Incorporate Your Quartz Roller into Your Daytime & Nighttime Skincare Routines

Say hello to your newest treasure setting the ultimate standard for bathroom jewelry – our solid, hand-crafted Rose Quartz Roller.

When developing the BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller, I had efficacy, beauty and relaxation on the mind, which is why it took me .5 seconds to incorporate it into my routine once we finished crafting it’s design. I don’t often have a lot of time to decompress, which is why my daily and nightly skincare regimens are uber important to keep stress-free and easy because no one wants to dread their daily routines.

AM Routine
In the morning my eyes are usually pretty puffy (same for when I get off airplanes), so while I’m waking up and before I’ve even brushed my teeth, I grab the roller that I keep on my nightstand (they say to keep it there to encourage good dreams, can’t hurt, right?) and start rolling my under-eye area following the cheekbone. The stone is naturally cool, so my eyes wake up before the rest of me is completely functioning. Just 30 seconds or so on each eye does the trick, feel free to do more or less. The amazing thing with rolling is that you can’t overdo it, and the stone remains cool to the touch because it’s hand-crafted from solid Brazilian rose quartz stone – not glass. Once I’m up, I cleanse my face and apply my day serum (The Daily serum from BeautyBio). After massaging in the serum with my hands, I use the roller to seal in benefits and increase product absorption. Next, I apply The Ultimate daily moisturizer, which helps to even out skin tone and provides yummy hydration that keeps me looking dewy all day.

PM Routine

When I’m home and ready for bed, it’s go time. I typically cleanse my face in the shower followed by an exfoliating scrub 2-3 nights a week (The Brightener from BeautyBio). Once out, I run the rose quartz roller under warm water and then glide it over my face for a quick massage (so great in the bathtub as well) and then I apply treatment serum (The Nightly from BeautyBio) designed for nighttime rejuvenation.  After I roll my face (or put my face back in place as I like to joke), I spend about a minute rolling my neck and décolleté. It truly feels like I’m rolling the stress of the day away. To finish, I apply The Ultimate because it helps boost my skin’s antioxidant levels and leaves my skin feeling cashmere-soft. Roller goes back on my nightstand, I check a few emails, laptop is put away by 1 AM, and then it’s lights out.

During the day, I’ll either store my roller in the refrigerator before I leave the house (think rolling my puffy eyes or bags away while making eggs or coffee in the AM) or take it with me in the velvet drawstring storage bag to use on-the-go. I love coming home to a chilled roller and using it on the back of my neck when I walk in the door. It literally couldn’t be easier to use, and it is a moment of relaxation I look forward to daily.

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