Hello Neighbor: The Beekman Boys Discuss Their Collection with HSN

When we think about where the latest and greatest in luxury ingredients come from, a farm is not usually the first place that comes to mind. Enter Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, otherwise known as the Beekman Boys. As the founders of Beekman 1802, they have proven that the most luxurious and wholesome ingredients can often be found in your backyard- or farm in this case! We sat down with the Beekman Boys to discuss their line of beauty and home products, and their excitement about bringing it to the HSN customer.

H: How did the Beekman 1802 brand come to be?

BB: We were two NYC guys (Brent was a physician and Vice President of Healthy Living at Martha Stewart, and Josh was a bestselling author) and we went on a weekend trip to pick apples in rural NY in 2006. We got lost in a little village called Sharon Springs (pop. 547) and fell in love with a farm that was for sale on the outskirts of town. Shortly after we purchased the farm, we found a note in our mailbox from a neighboring farmer who was losing his farm. We took him in, along with his 80 goats, and when we both lost our NYC jobs in the recession of 2008, we began making goat milk soap to try to save our farm.

H: Can you tell us what “farm-to-skin” means to you?

BB: We believe that using real, wholesome ingredients in our bath and skincare, like goat milk, is all your skin needs to stay healthy and moisturized. We don’t add any other unnecessary preservatives to our products. And we make all of our bath products here in America, so we can source and ensure the quality of our natural ingredients.

H: Can you tell us a little bit about why you refer to your customers as “neighbors”?

BB: We were able to save our farm with the help of our Neighbors. Farmer John and his goats, Soapmaker Deb, and dozens of other neighbors pulled together to help us start our company. And now we work with over 300 local and regional craftspersons and artisans to make Beekman 1802 products. We believe that success only comes when we work together with our Neighbors, and that includes all of our customers and followers.

H: How did you discover the benefits of goat’s milk?

BB: By Googling! 😊 When we lost our incomes, our only assets were our goats, and we needed to find a use for their milk. We learned about all of the great benefits of goat milk online, and after we first started making and using our own soap, we immediately saw and felt the difference in our skin. Even to this day, Beekman Neighbors say that they can feel the difference the very first time they use our soap.

H: What does the Beekman brand mean to you?

BB: Our company motto is simple: “Work Hard. Never Quit. Help your Neighbor.” We turned our lives around using these principles, and we think they can work for everyone. After spending the first half of our lives collecting careers and “things,” we want to spend the second half of our lives collecting smiles.

H: Did you have prior experience in beauty before you launched Beekman?

BB: Brent was the youngest ever physician to lead a Medical Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. His specialty was Geriatrics and Better Aging, and he uses his medical knowledge in developing every new product.

H: Why was it important to you to keep the products made on a farm and not in a lab?

BB: People have a misperception that chemicals and chemical compounds are added to products to make them more effective. But in reality, most companies add them to make products cheaper. We don’t use any unnecessary chemicals in any of our Bath & Body, Skincare, Home Cleaning or Food products. If you don’t need to add extra chemicals to your home and body, why would you?

H: Do you have a certain “neighbor” in mind when you are creating your products?

BB: Beekman Neighbors are incredibly diverse – women, men, young, mature, all skin colors & types. But we have found one thing they all have in common: they’re kind. Our Neighbors always seem to tell us about everyone they share our products with – their mail deliverers, teachers, nurses, friends, relatives. We’ve never spent a fortune on marketing, because our Neighbors spread the word through their families and friends.

H: What has been your most rewarding project you’ve worked on for Beekman?

BB: Beekman 1802 itself is our favorite project. We employ almost 50 people in a rural area that is very economically challenged. Our mail order business keeps our local Post Office open.  We offer full benefits to all of Team Beekman. We’ve also given away over $80k to small farmers around the country to help grow their farm based businesses. But perhaps one of our most enjoyable projects comes each holiday when we give a bar of our soap to every child in Sharon Springs School so that they’ll have a gift to give their parents on Christmas morning. We remember how proud we were to give our parents a present, and we want our local children to feel the same.

H: What is your favorite product from your collection, and why?

BB: That’s too tough! Hmmmm…well Josh’s favorite is anything with our Honey Grapefruit scent. He claims it makes him “66% less grumpy.” Brent loves our hair care products and advanced skin care. Because of our farm connections we’re one of the only companies in the world that can source colostrum for skin care, and its reparative properties are amazing.

H: When you’re not at the farm, what do you like to do for fun?

BB: The farm is our life. There’s nowhere we’d rather be every single day. But we do travel the world because we love people and discoveries. (Some people might remember us from our time on The Amazing Race. Spoiler: we won!)

H: Why are you excited to bring your product to the HSN customer?

BB: We’ve received letters from Beekman Neighbors for years asking us to come to HSN. They love the value, shipping rates & customer service. We’re proud to have been invited to be part of HSN. But the most exciting part is that the Beekman Neighborhood will be growing even larger. And no one can ever have too many Good Neighbors!

We’ll give the goats off our back!

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  1. I am so happy that Beekman 1802 has come to HSN. I love their products and have many. I am looking forward to seeing them and their baby goats on HSN and will be looking to order something very soon. Hi Brent and Josh, welcome to HSN as a long time “neighbor”. Sonia

  2. I am thrilled to see the boys on HSN. I shopped on the Evine network for their products and wondered where they were going after that. I buy their soaps all the time and give them as gifts.

  3. I’m so glad you are now on HSN!! I about went into a panic when I found out you were leaving the other place. I only use your products and what a difference they have made in my skin. Love the facial bars, wipes, body creams and will never use liquid shampoo on my hair again after using the shampoo bar. I love you guys and the goats and so glad you now have a new home. You guys are a joy to watch and always make me smile.

  4. OMG! I am so happy to see you guys in HSN! I was so sad that you guys disappeared from the other network. I think HSN has better customer service and return policy. I am so happy for you guys. I sent a few of your soap assortments in a care package to my family in Japan last Christmas. They love your soap. My mother (turning 80 this year) is the biggest fan. She told me that your soap made her skin so soft and supple. She just visited us for two weeks and she told me how much she loves your “BIG” soaps! I let her took a few more home. Although my husband and I use your soap every day, I have been stocking up and giving to my family and friends, and even my clients way more than we use on our own. Everybody uses soap and it has been an awesome gift to people we care. Thank you so much for your wonderful products and I admire you guys for your hard work and success. Again, welcome to HSN and I will be watching. xoxoxo

  5. Welcome neighbors! I am sooo happy to see you’ve joined the HSN family. (I had to leave other, too many problems) Can’t believe I almost missed your arrival. I’m so happy I could cry. Thanks so much for all you do! Hope to see the goats soon! BTW HSN is great!

  6. Welcome to your new neighbors…we old neighborhood folks are right here to welcome them in and give an opinion on any item. Beekman 1802 overdelivers ever time. You will soon be hooked on them too. Dont mind changing the channel one bit. Congratulations Brent and Josh!

  7. I am so Thankful the goatboys are here. I would, and have, follow them anywhere. I just dropped a couple of grand a month ago on their products when they were leaving their last network “home” yet I am ready to buy as soon as they show up here!!!! There is nothing like a good goatboy product and time spent with them when they are on TV!!

  8. HI neighbor i loved you boys when you wee on evine. i was sad to see you leave but i am so happy to see you on HSN. please bring the baby goats like you did when you were on Evine thats why i bought products the baby goats were so cute all the hosts from evine held them while they wee presenting your products thats what made that show so successful so please bring the baby goats when you come .

  9. So glad to see you boys back on TV. I went into panic mode when I found out you were leaving the other channel and stocked up on all your products. I also became very stingy and refused to give any of my products away. Now I can begin sharing again with family and friends.

  10. I love Beekman products I am so happy that HSN is carrying now.
    I hope you will bring the soap to do your laundry and the oils for the Dyer.
    I got so spoiled with the auto ship and hope you offer this product.
    I have your products all over my home ❤️❤️

  11. WELCOME TO HSN neighbor Brent + neighbor Josh! Your sweet goats will love it here in sunny Florida! I have been a Beekman neighbor since the very beginning! My twin boys and I have made our entire home… a Beekman 🐐 home! We started with your lather rich goat milk soaps! The boys have extremely bad eczema, and are so sensitive to the unnecessary chemicals in cleaning products, ect., so your Beekman goat milk soaps clean the skin… but are gentle and do NOT cause their skin to become inflamed! We adore the lip balms, the HAPPY PLACE laundry soap, and dryer balls, with the scented oils! We have the room deodorizer in sweet grass. We own all the house cleaning items! The goat tote bags, cookie jar from Christmas… and those Christmas seasonal gift sets on order delivery are divine! Actually, you name the product… we have most ALL of them! The quality is exceptional, the savings to your neighbors is appreciated! So glad you made it back to TV on HSN! Welcome boys, and welcome new and returning Beekman neighbors!
    Debra, Pierce & Peyton Hand🖐

  12. I am so happy I’m signed up for your News Letter. I about cleaned out EVINE because I went into a complete panic during your last show’s there. Fortunately, I have been with HSN forever, so I would have found you anyway but I don’t want to miss your premier show. OMG where will I put anything I order now. I have so much back stock!

  13. Have been buying Beekman 1802 products for the last couple of years. Their products are the best; from superb packaging to the product itself. Goats milk leaves the skin soft and hydrated with no greasy feeling. It absorbs quickly. My skin has finally been loving the “skin it is in” Thanks Beekman 1802!

  14. I have been using Beekman products for sometime now. They are great! I can’t wait to see them on HSN! Their products are the real deal and my family loves them too! As an HSN customer all I can say is thank you and best of luck to everyone!

  15. Hi Neighbor! Welcome to your new neighborhood. Love your products as I am sure all of your new future neighbors will as well. Wishing you much success in your new neighborhood.

  16. I was so devastated when you left the other show, I got a WHOLE BUNCH of items. But don’t worry, I am still a customer for good. I love your products, and have given them to my parents, and also my sister. They also love your products, especially the soap. They will be happy to hear that you two will be on tv again. I’m so happy you two will be back on also. Cannot wait to see you, and watch your shows. Love you guys. Michaelene

  17. I am soooooooooooo excited about the Beekman Boys coming to HSN and its nice to see free shipping on some products..I have been a loyal neighbor for awhile now and this is the best news yet…Beekman and HSN Yay!!! I will be shopping and stocking up..

    from your neighbor…Joni Matthews.

  18. Great move HSN!! This is actually a product I’ve wanted to try for some time and now I’m really looking forward to doing just that! These gentlemen are very impressive and I’m also looking forward to a special value day!

  19. I’m so happy that the beekmen boys are back on tv when they left evine I cried watching there last show when the lights were turned off I bought so much product s that day then I went on there wedsite and bought stuff that was never on tv the goats are sooo cute love there story can’t wait to see them again. To people who don’t know about the beekmen 1803 all there stuff is great don’t hesitate on anything and the goat is great can’t wait till the holidays there cookie jars cookies omg can’t say enough about them again you will not be sorry with there products. Good luck boys

  20. Well howdy neighbors–WELCOME Back TO TV JOSH AND BRENT! I am so glad you will be on HSN. I started rationing my soap, just waiting for you to return LOL!!!– You have wonderful products, and I’m sure the HSN family will love you as I do! I wish you great success you both deserve it! Can wait to see you on the 31st!

  21. I’m so glad that Josh and Brent found a new home for their Beekman 1802 products on HSN. I hope the relationship lasts as long as Beekman 1802 is in business, and I look forward to buying my Beekman 1802 products on HSN now. The best of luck to Josh and Brent on HSN! This news just made my day when I saw it in my inbox this evening. What a wonderful and unexpected surprise for me to see ! Keep up the good work ! Your products are grreat ! Especially your set of four goat milk soaps and your goat milk hand salve duo. Plus your sweet grass goat milk laundry soap. They all really rock.

  22. HSN…You will never regret having the Beekman Boys on your team. Their products are incredible and their humor and honesty refreshing. Just promise not to “control” them or the baby goats and let them and us, their devoted neighbors, have fun. This will pay off for everyone.
    Thanks. Cynthia

  23. Hi neighbors!! Thanks for coming back!Ordered lots of items from Evine and loved them all!! The goats milk has helped in creams wipes lip balms cuticles etc etc.I have been a loyal customer of Hsn for a long time you’ll love working with them. Welcome and looking forward to seeing you both and the baby goats Take care,Pat

  24. I have to say thaat iam a little mad atyou two. Neighbors just don’t getup and move out saying where your going. I am happy again though now that I found you. I thought you were gone forever and like others went into a panic mode! Welcome home neighbor! Missed you.

  25. Welcome Welcome Welcome you dont know how happy i didnt loose you i have been with you for a very long time welcom to HSN youre going to love it here

  26. I am so happy that HSN is your new home. My family loves Beekman 1802. I know your new neighbors will love you too. Please have a show soon and bring more products. your old neighbor Judy

  27. Neighbors if you havent tried Beekman you are in for a treat. Its worth every penny best you supportin the good old U.S.A. This is such a feel good companythat vibrates with the purest heart in all they do. Please try it!💓💗💓💗💞

  28. I have been a “neighbor” for a few years now and I will not use ANYTHING but their products!! I , like others, panicked when I saw them leaving the other channel and bought up everything I could afford! BUT..you can bet I’ll be there July 31 to buy more for Christmas gifts! I was extremely sad when you left the other network because I wasn’t sure what I’d be getting some of my family for Christmas? 🙁 I’m SO HAPPY you guys are back!! And FREE SHIPPING on most items??? WHAT??? 🙂

  29. I am so happy you are on HSN!! I followed you guys on Evine and started worry that I wouldn’t be able to have my Goat Milk Soap!! I am sooo happy right now. I love love all of ya’lls products!! It makes a world of a difference on my skin, and will use nothing else! And ya’ll are right it softens your skin the first time using it! Thank you both for all you do and ya’lls kindness to others we need more of you two in the world!!

    Thanks so much,
    Phyllis Vocque

  30. I am so happy that Beekman 1802 moved to HSN. I love their products and their story. When I looked at their previous channel and they were not listed I was concerned that I would not be able to purchase their products. Thank you Beekman 1802 and HSN.

  31. Hi Neighbor!
    I am so happy to see you make the move to HSN. I am a Pure and Honey Orange Blossom fan. I have used Beekman for 2 years now and noticed the difference in my skin after the first use. I have a sulfate allergy so this brand has been a miracle find. I have given it as gifts to all my family and friends. Fathers day I gave my oldest son a set of everything Fig Leaf and he is hooked now too. See you the 31st Neighbors <3 Congrats

  32. We are SO happy Beekman 1802 is on HSN. I absolutely love them & all of their products. They will not disappoint!!! Highly recommend trying if you haven’t. (I love Josh’s Honey Grapefruit scent but many others too!) I’m happy!!!

  33. I have enjoyed your story, product and books on the other network and excited you landed here. I enjoy the flex pay and free shipping that is offered here that the other networks don’t provide. So, excited you are really here. (It means I can buy more) 🙂 Best wishes on your new venture here and wish you all the best and great success. Looking forward to the goat which I didn’t get last year. Can you make it in dark chocolate? That would be awesome and yummy! Andrew Lessman will need to come up with an anti carb pill.
    Your neighbor in Indio, CA …..Esther

  34. Hello neighbors, so glad you are on HSN and I can continue purchasing your great products. I only use your soaps and the facial cleansing wipes are the best. Hope to see you both on upcoming shows soon.

  35. Glad you are not gone. Disappointed when you left other network. HSN will not be sorry they will be carrying your products. Good luck at new location🙂

  36. I have been looking for natural, organic products as I am trying to get away from using products with chemicals and other additives. I just happened to be browsing on my favorite online retailer (HSN!) when I pulled up Beekman 1802! So glad I found this company. I will definitely be ordering their products soon..especially the skin care as I haven’t been able to find anything up to now that meets my criteria. Thank you HSN for finding this gem of a company!


  38. HI Neighbors, it’s nice to see you back. I shop HSN as well so I am glad your products are available and at a reasonable price. HSN IS GOOD WITH THEIR SHIPPING CHARGES.

  39. My friend at work shared her Ylang Ylang body cream with me and I was hooked.
    Since then I have ordered the hand wash/lotion, and two different fragrances of hand soaps. My skin finally feels clean and soft, just like it was when I was a kid.
    I don’t have break outs on my arms and back and chest, either. I don’t want to use anything but Beekman 1801 from now on!

    So glad you became a neighbor in the HSN community!

  40. I am VERY disappointed that the price on the bars of soaps has risen $2.00 each in a couple of months since you left another shopping channel. I have purchased dozens of bars of soaps and shared as gifts, always being received with great kudos!! They are amazing and several friends and family members have gone on to purchase them on their own. I really like the facial wipes also.

  41. I am so Pleased that You Beekman Boys are Here…. I and My Husband both Love Your Soap Bars ….both The Bath and Shampoo Bars are Awesome and so Squeaky Clean and Moisturized …..
    The Hand Lotion and Lip Balm are also refreshing and Such Lovely scents.
    We fell in Love With Your Products after discovering Them on Evine.. ..Now Here You All Are on HSN.

  42. hello neighbors,Brent and Josh can’t tell you how happy i’m to see that you guys are back love the products.I’m on my last bar of goat milk soap.good luck wish you guys Farmer John and all the Goats the best see you soon

    Ana C.

  43. I am over the moon knowing my neighbors are back. Yes, I had to get a few items for gifts. There is a scent for everyone in the collection, yes for men too! Everyone who received a treat from the beekmen boys wants more. Welcome back my favorite neighbors with the cute and so well behaved goats❤️😂

  44. Hi Neighbors,
    When you were leaving Evine, I was so sad because I didn’t know where your products would be or even if they would be. I felt such a loss; you two and your sweet goats had given me the most precious and delightful skin care.
    I am an avid HSN and QVC shopper as well as Evine, and one day, recently, probably last week, I decided it was time to try to find you guys. So before I googled you, I stopped by HSN, and I couldn’t believe it, there you were. Oh goodness, I went to your page and there were my favorites. I promptly put in an order, which I should be receiving today.
    I just want you to know that I am so glad you’re here. I don’t have to hold onto my goat milk body creams or soaps or use them sparingly because you are here on HSN, not disappeared like I thought.
    I do hope that HSN will not let you go the way Evine did, I hope you are here way longer than 3 years.

  45. Hello Josh & Brent & now…… Hello Beekman 1802 on HSN !!! I am a Beekman “devotee” for many years and take their brand very seriously. The goat milk products benefits speak for themselves because they are literally miraculous ! I know that advertising is very important and at the last network Beekman sold at, they did an amazing job recreating the mercantile of Sharon Springs. As a viewer we felt very warm and well received as “their neighbor”. I mean this very seriously to HSN. Please make sure Beekman 1802 has the most amazing backdrop for their products. MOST IMPORTANTLY….. you need to have the baby goats on set ! Many of us neighbors depend on seeing the goats ! I know the Beekman Boys cannot travel with goats, but I do know that there are many goat farmers in Florida that would be happy to “spread the love” 🙂 Your most faithful, loving neighbor – Sheryl aka BoBunnyBoo 🙂

  46. I’m so happy to see the BeekmanBoys on HSN. I’m also glad to see you are carrying all of the standard product lines AND free shipping and handling. With all I order, S&H really adds up! I own a Certified Wildlife Habitat and use as many natural products as possible. These goat milk based products have never let me down, and believe me, I am head to toe Beekman! The cleaning products are fantastic and support my ranch’s natural habitat. I look forward to being around my Beekman Neighbors again on HSN.

  47. Hi Beekman Family, I will be a first time customer for sure. I saw you on QVC for the first time ever, but have never made a purchase. I Love all natural. And look forward to watching you on my favorite network station HSN on Tuesday, July 31st. Hope you have a Today’s Special and lot’s of coupons coming our way.
    Thank you for all your hard work and taking on those beautiful GOATS !

    Judy Chesser
    3841 W. Whitendale Avenue
    Visalia, California 93277

  48. So happy for this hard working company who are my neighbors. Love their products and history. I have already placed my orders, hope the HSN viewers will see and support a small business succeed. Sharon Springs is a small town whose past was very historical, then unfortunately fell on hard times. The Beekmans Boys brought the life back into this small failing town. Such a great success story, you will be anxious to google the town’s spas, summers vacationer destination, the grand hotels of the past. One of my favorite products is the goats milk soap, will fill your tub with soft velvety bubbles.

  49. This is the first time I have heard of your brand. I’ve watched most of your shows today and I can’t stop smiling. The baby goats are adorable and you two rock!! I did get a bit carried away ordering soaps for my sisters and my daughters and granddaughters. I do wonder what the shelf life is because I would like to save some until Christmas. Thank you for coming to HSN.

    Your neighbor in Colorado,

    Suzanne Parquette

  50. Hi Beekman Boys,
    Love your products. I have a question about the facial wipes. What is the best way to store them and how many months will they last in the unopened pouch?
    Thanks neighbor.

  51. As a new neighbor I am so excited to try all of my new finds. Every product is amazing in it own way, I am just loving everything! I do have one request though, is it possible to add a dry oil to your bath and body line?

    Your over the moon excited, new neighbor!

  52. I first bought your Ylang Ylang Tuberose hand cream . I must say I just love it the smell is heavenly, makes my hands soft and not sticky or greasy. For me it seems to Deminish some of my skin on my arms even in the morning. So I bought the 4 set of body creams. I know they will work for me. I was going to divide up the jars for Christmas but I think I will keep all 4 for myself. Merry Christmas for me. I was wondering how the lip balm works, I have the driest lips ever. Thank you for making my skin softer and the scents are wonderful !!!!

  53. Love the bath soap. All I use. Long lasting and I hardly ever need lotion on my skin. Not that I don’t use some at times. But really don’t get dry skin. I also like the honey grapefruit scent.

  54. So happy I’ve met you both thru HSN. Love your products for me & for gifts.
    Also – when I have a few minutes and want to find JOY – I log onto your Goat Cam.
    Love watching them. Please continue the cam. I’m a loyal fan.

  55. I’ve enjoyed your products ,soaps, lip balm, dry shampoo for our dog ,etc. but most of all your deodorant is the BEST!!
    I haven’t been able to re-order for the past 8mos. I’m so disappointed you haven’t made it available to order. It’s amazing product , works So well, so much so ,I could go an additional day if needed with out reapplying .My skin feels so soft but more importantly it’s without/free of aluminum, parabens or phthalates .Please sell it again.

  56. I LOVE your products!! Have been purchasing them for awhile now. I’ve worked for dermatologists for many years and at almost 75 yrs old people tell me I have beautiful skin. It’s pretty flawless but, I inherited good skin from my genes! I also learned to take care of my skin at a young age. I recently gave my granddaughter who is 12, an assortment of body creams which I purchased and let her choose the scents she liked. My favorite is Fresh Air. She was a patient at the dermatology office I worked in outside Boston at 5 months of age. She has atopic dermatitis and sensitive skin like me. She LOVES your products as well as her mother who also started Beekman. Just realized you were on HSN this weekend, logged on and made another purchase. Will text my daughter-in-law to let her know you are also on today on HSN from 3-5 pm so she can place an order for the Body Creams. I remember watching you on TV when you first started making your soap! Been a fan since then…..LOVE the goats!

  57. I LOVE your products so much and the background/beliefs in your products I wish I could work there. Have you given thought to possibly venturing into the Chicagoland area and opening a store or two? Your products would sell like wild fire! I know that a few items are in Ulta here, but it’s just not the same as having all your products readily available to the public. I realize it’s an unsurmountable task to take on, but with people wanting to get away from all those chemicals, I can’t help but think that you would do so well!!! I love watching you on TV and, of course, just love those baby goats. Your products are to die for!

  58. You beekman boys have pulled the wool over my eyes..you let me order your products ,then you tell me you don’t have them,they’re on backorder? (With no delivery date in site) baaaad business??

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