The Best Techniques to Achieve Luminous Skincare Results with Your Quartz Roller

At the BeautyBio headquarters in Dallas, we are all rolling in love with rose quartz. What started out as mere curiosity led us to discover what many massage therapists have practiced for years, the art of integrating a stone roller into your routine to experience the calming, restorative benefits.

Besides upgrading my vanity with a piece of seriously beautiful bathroom jewelry, the Rose Quartz Roller has done wonders for my skin. The experience of using the hand-selected Brazilian rose quartz is like giving myself an at-home spa treatment (which is hard to come by with 3 kids, my travel schedule and a more than full-time job) in seconds.

Anyone looking to roll may be trying to address any of the below concerns:

  • Improving even product application (from your topical skincare regimen)
  • On-the-go relaxation
  • Promoting calized circulation through stimulation of skin

A rose quartz roller, when used properly helps to improve and encourage microcirculation and the flow of fresh oxygen to the skin. The improved localized circulation gives skin an instant flush making it temporarily appear more radiant and glowing. We love to capitalize on that glow by using skincare topicals in conjunction with the BeautyBio Rose Quartz Roller for an added dewy look.

The best way to roll is to remember- out, not in. I like to start at the center of my face on the cheek and roll outward with long strokes toward my hairline (aiming toward the ear area). Then, I move up to my forehead, starting again in the center and move outward following the natural curves of my face shape and slightly down toward the ear. I then move onto my chin and neck using the same long stroke outward motion towards the hairline. Once you get down to your décolleté, it’s all about bringing it back to the heart, so, if you remember to roll outward with the heart in mind, you’ll be (rose) golden!

The 100% rose quartz stone is naturally cool and can be placed in cold water or the refrigerator for an even more refreshing experience. And likewise, the roller can be placed in warm water for a warmer, sensation, both of which feel instantly rejuvenating and relaxing.

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