Beekman Boys Recount Their Pursuits of Happiness

For the first half of our lives, we thought we were happy—pursuing careers we loved and making our mark in the world the way young people often dream of.

When we lost our fancy pants city jobs in the Great Recession, life sent us on a different kind of pursuit, and we have learned with age that, for us at least, the only wealth and accomplishment we need to measure in the second half of our lives is in the number of people we can make happy.

And that’s exactly what we try to do every time you bring us into your home and your life.

Host Pick

Nothing makes us happier than meeting new Neighbors (which is why we get so excited to talk to you when you call in). It has been such a treat for us to meet everyone at HSN over the last few months, including all the hosts, which is why we are so honored that they chose some Beekman 1802 products as some of their favorite things. Are any of their favorites your favorites, too?

Happy Place

Everything about Happy Place plant-based cleaning system is meant to make you happier:  removing chemicals from your home (happy!), cute packaging that puts a smile on your face when you see it (happy!!), the scent of Sweet Grass to bring positive energy into your home (happy!!!). We have lots of new things coming this year to truly make your home a Happy Place.

Goat Poop

A local farmer who was visiting Farmer John said “Your goats are so spoiled that they probably poop candy.”  Our goats ARE happy, and that gave us another idea of how to bring more smiles and laughter to people. Goat Poop is only available during the holidays each year, so go ahead and be a party pooper!

  1. I love y’all and your Happy Place products! You’ve been a REAL life saver. My skin has almost settled down after years of trying different soaps and other products containing harmful chemicals, I started with your laundry soap. OMG! My rashes immediately calmed down because I was allergic to everyone of them. Chemicals are toxic to all living things. I’m very grateful for all you do to help people like my dad and me. Buying more today!

  2. Thank you. I have had issues finding any product that does not irritate my skin. The last two years i started having tremendous issues and couldn’t use products I had used before. I started with Beekman 1802 soap and lotions. Also ordered the wipes and they are amazing. I have now ordered everything because it works !! I choose the Pure in everything and have had no issues. By the end of the month I will have all products plus the cleaners. I’m very happy. Traci N

  3. I swear I’ve been with HSN for 25 years. I can not watch it anymore. Every time I turn it on it’s a dyson vacuum or that air pump to blow up balls. Also the guest and host are sooooo loud and excited. A air pump is not that exciting.

  4. Hey Fellas!! I recently got a bar of Pure at a gift exchange at work. I gotta say I’m hooked sence I have eczma and my skin said “YEAH BABY!” I would love love love if you could make a sample box that includes one bar of each sent.Now I know theres 15 of them but like I said my skin is hooked and HOW AM I SAPPOSE TO PICK ONE????Please Please can you work on this? Would be forever greatful !! Jody S. in Illinois

  5. A little upset HSN is SOLD OUT of so much Beekman Product. I purchased many of their products for this Christmas season and was ready for some last power shopping 8(

  6. I ordered my 1st products tonight. I plunged and got the special, shampoo bars and the fragrance free set because I have migraines and asthma.
    I’ll come back and let you know what I think. I also signed up on your website for your newsletter and etc.
    I’m excited.

  7. I would like to see the soap in a 4 pack variety, I am a person who like variety. I hope you can make this happen for customers like myself.

    Thank you

  8. I’m excited to try the 9oz soaps and the hand creams! Thank you!
    While I’m not crazy about all of the fragrances, I enjoy Arcadia, Honey Grapefruit, and Vanilla Absolute, but I’d like to explore other fragrances.

    My favs are thus far are: the cuticle cream and the lip balms. The lip cream hydrates my lips overnight and is yummy (Vanilla Absolute) The former is amazing for your nails! I’ve received numerous compliments. My nails are long and healthy.

    Have you considered making a product for our feet and elbows? The AZ heat takes a toll on our skin.

    -Thank you, Beekman Boys! : )

  9. I use most of your products head to toe, top to floor, nose to tail…….. that said….i was looking for the multi surface cleaner. What I found was wipes. Sorry, will never buy it this way. this is the best cleaner ever ….. use it several times a day… perfect for my induction cook top. This is economical and environmentally sustainable. Wipes. 160 of them. Not worth it. Plastic Container and throw away wipes. NO … it goes against your underlying purpose and values. This is not kind to the planet. I hope this multi purpose cleaner is not gone forever in the bottle! If it is I hope you give it another thought. I don’t know what I will do … it sits on my kitchen counter …never goes hiding in a cabinet.

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