Search No More! Here’s The Top Scents of the Season For You to Try

It’s finally cold outside, and gifting season is officially upon us. The perfect scent is a great gift during the holiday season, whether you’re treating yourself or picking gifts to put under the tree. Not sure which scent to snag? Keep reading to see our top scents for the holiday season.

Viva La Juicy

This flirty scent is perfect for that friend who is the life of the party! With hints of mandarin and jasmine, this feminine scent makes a perfect gift–especially when paired with Viva la Juicy Body Lotion. If you’re looking for a light, sweet scent, this is the one for you!

Velvet Orchid

A slightly subtle but rich scent, Velvet Orchid is made up of black orchid scent filled out with orange blossom and vanilla. The bottle is slim and elegant, deep purple and just as rich-looking as the scent.

Miss Dior

This elegant, feminine scent is a must-have for any gal’s perfume collection. It’s a beautiful blend of wild strawberry, green tangerine, caramel, and violets, and somehow is still a subtle scent that works for any occasion.

White Tea

A crisp, feminine scent that is perfect for everyday wear. The simple, woody-floral scent is warm and inviting without being overbearing. White Tea will make a perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Snowdrop and Crystal Flowers

If you’re in the market for a light, airy scent, look no further than Trish McEvoy’s Snowdrop and Crystal Flowers. It has a subtle scent is made up of snowdrop flowers, sparkling berry, and clementine blossoms and is a perfect every day scent.

Shawn Mendes Signature

A scent that will work for him and for her, Shawn Mendes Signature is filled out with scents of citrus, florals, and a touch of maple. If you’re expecting company this holiday season, a bottle of this scent is a perfect addition to your guest room.

Marc Jacobs Dot

A perfect gift for the most chic of your friends, Dot is a timeless scent with light notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, orange blossom, and vanilla. The fun packaging makes this one a fantastic gift, too!

La Vie Est Belle

This unique scent is a personal favorite of mine. It is an utterly sweet scent, with jasmine and orange blossom but it doesn’t overwhelm you if you want to wear it daily. The name is French for “Life is Beautiful,” and that makes a lovely sentiment if you’re gifting someone this gorgeous scent.

All these beautifully different scents will make wonderful gifts all season long. All that is left is choosing the right one!

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