4 Ways to Create an At-Home Spa

The scents, the relaxing vibe, the indulgence… The spa is something we could all use, and I’m sure we’d all love, on a regular basis. But as our lives are filled with errands and chores, to-do lists and child rearing, it’s just not in the cards… and that’s not even mentioning the amount of cash we’d shell out for beauty treatments or a pampering body massage. Thankfully there’s hope for those of us who can only manage to get spa time once the kids are off to bed (while remaining in the comfort of our own home as well).

It doesn’t take much, just a little care and planning, to create an inviting and indulgent oasis at home. Here are a few ways to create an at-home spa by appealing to your senses and re-creating that spa experience. Let the pampering begin!

1. Scent it.

We all know that signature scent… and the funny thing is, every spa has a different one. But whatever spa you walk into, it’s the scent of beauty, pampering and luxury. Re-create your favorite scents by lighting candles, using essential oils, adding delicious bath salts or bubbles to a hot bath. One of my favorites – Hang a small bunch of eucalyptus from the shower head and run hot water to simulate a steam room which creates an instant spa feel.

2. Taste it.

Every spa I’ve been in has infused H2O and a selection of teas or other drinks to choose from. Why not have a few of your own favorites on hand? Flavored water feels like such a luxury, but it couldn’t be easier to make. To keep it simple, select a water bottle that already has an infuser built in and add your own fruit. Cucumbers are also a top spa choice and bring their own health benefits as well, like skin brightening, detoxification and can even help to alleviate headaches.

3. Feel it.

For an extra glam feeling, don’t skimp on products. These Golden Door scrubs and creams not only smell incredible, they make you feel (and look) like a million bucks. Since you’re taking the time to pamper yourself, don’t forget to add a face or eye mask into your at-home spa routine. Keeping your products on a beautiful tray is even better, so you can move from scrub to cream like a facial pro. Another simple touch? Try heating your lotion. It’s so easy, but it makes a big difference. Microwave your favorite for about 30 seconds, and slather away.

While we’re on the subject of touch, take a cue from the best spa and surround yourself with luxury bath towels. There’s nothing like stepping out of the bath wrapped in a soft, fluffy bath towel, or melting into a plush robe that makes you feel warm and cozy as you apply lotions and creams.

4. Hear it.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of quiet. There’s a reason spas limit phone use and want you to keep electronics locked away while you relax. Yes, using a sound machine or playing soft music in the background is not only nice, I’d highly recommend it. But other than that, do what you can to reduce other noises. Turn the TV off in the other room, leave talk radio and podcasts for another time, turn notifications off on your phone so you aren’t wondering who just texted you or how many emails just came in. Better yet, find a way to have that soothing music playing without even allowing your phone in the room with you. Spend your quiet time being just that – quiet. And with it, do something you love like closing your eyes and letting them rest, or read a book you can get lost in.

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