Give Your Kids the Power to Save Lives with UNICEF’s Kid Power Band

Summer vacations are coming to a close and back to school talk is the resounding voice of the day. With children heading back to school, we could all use a little help in keeping up an active lifestyle. Between electronics, school studies and so many important things taking up time in our lives, it’s no wonder that only 1 in 4 children in the US are getting enough physical activity.

Thankfully there are organizations like UNICEF USA that recognize this need and are finding ways to make a change. We recently found these incredible wearable activity bands by UNICEF USA for kids that gives our little ones the power to save lives. The limited edition Star Wars: Force for Change Kid Power Bands makes it easy on us because our kiddos love the interactive app that takes them on “missions” all around the world and helps them learn about other cultures as they get, and stay, active. From the moment we opened the box, they have been truly motivated, even to the point of running laps around the house or running in place as they dry the dishes, all while challenging each other to “finish the mission.”

Teaming up with UNICEF my kids feel empowered to be a part of delivering therapeutic nutrition to feed severely malnourished children around the world. Plus, it encourages them to complete their own “missions” since they realize it effects more than just themselves… what an incentive!

It didn’t take long for our kids to realize the more they move, the more points they earn, and the more lives they save. We are allowing them to login to the UNICEF Kid Power App to track progress and the bonus that makes me happy is that the app is compliant with (COPPA) Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

I believe this Kid Power Band is a great addition to any family to keep kids active and healthy by engaging their body, mind and heart in the spirit of caring for others and provides a safe way to keep them accountable in their progress.

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