Get Your 2018 Hustle on With These Home Office Essentials

As the NYE confetti settles and we begin to head down a path of normalcy in the New Year, it’s a great time to be thinking about personal goals and how to achieve them. Maybe starting an online business is on your list, or perhaps designing and curating your very own she-shed is in the cards for you…whatever you decide, HSN is the complete destination for home office finds to make your space uniquely YOU.

Go Gadgets

Power up your to-do list with a device that’s sleek and functional like this HP 15.6” Laptop. There are seven fun colors to match any décor plus an added bonus of tech support so you’ll never be left guessing.  This laptop is the perfect partner to start up that blog you’ve been thinking about. Choose a color scheme and starting creating! Plus, with HSN’s Flex Pay option you can get it home now for as little as six payments of $91.66!

Enable what will seem like your very own personal assistant with Amazon Echo Show with Touchscreen.  The latest version of Alexa let’s you stream your favorite music playlists and videos, get the most up to date news and weather with visuals, plus everything you already love about Alexa.

Get Organized

Remember that laptop we talked about earlier? Take it anywhere with this foldable laptop table.  Finishing that report on the sofa or even on the back patio? No problem! This sleek adjustable table will make any workspace comfortable. Added bonus, place the laptop table on top of a stylish desk for an instant and affordable stand-up desk!

Now it’s time for my favorite part, the de-cluttering! Keep your knickknacks together with this monogramed catchall so everyone knows it’s just for you.  Books, inspiration boards, magazines and more can stay neatly tucked away with this sleek magazine rack, giving you more space for creating your personal home office style story.

Smile for Style

A new office or accent chair with unique features like industrial metal, velvet fabric or modern colors like aqua can work wonders on refreshing a home office space. Start with the bigger pieces and see how it all comes together…you may surprise yourself on discovering a new personal style!

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