Two Ways to Elevate Your Ponytail This Spring

Sometimes the Spring rain can make a girl want to throw up her hair into a ponytail! The hard part though is taking that ponytail from, “I was just at the gym” to, “I’m ready to conquer the day!” Here are a couple of ways to do just that!

First and foremost, you want to brush out your hair with the Wetbrush Shine brush. This will leave your hair looking, and feeling, soft and silky. After it’s all brushed out, you have a few different options!

First Option: Secure your ponytail with a Deepa Gurnani Beaded Hair Tie. These hair ties add a little bit of sparkle to your look and are way more fun than a plain one! You could also use these in a fun bun, a half up / half down style, or even a braid! If you need to get out of the door fast though, this is your best option to elevate your look. It’s simple and quick!

Second Option: Add the Christie Brinkley Clip in Pony by easily securing it around the base of your ponytail with it’s built in clip. Move the clip in hair around your actual hair to help create that illusion. This option is especially great if you have short hair or even just wish your ponytail would look more full!

After either of these options, I like to use the Tweak’d Bye Bye Frizz Finishing Mist to get rid of any crazy hairs. Not to mention it smells like cotton candy when you spray it! I’ve used it on humid days and it really helps maintain all the frizz that typically builds up when you’re out!

Regardless of which option you choose, both are great in terms of bringing that ponytail up to the next level! You’re never be asked, “how was the gym?” ever again!

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