Step-By-Step How To Achieve Effortless Beach Waves

It can be easier than you might think for some beach beautiful waves, especially when you’ve got the right tools in your arsenal. Whether you’re starting out with straight, wavy, or even curly hair, you can achieve that “effortless wave” style!

This will be your new go-to look for the Spring/Summer season… because it goes with every look, every style! Are you ready for the waves?

Start with dry hair and using 2xl Volume spray, add a little volume to your roots with small sprays and massage it in. Then separate hair into sections using FHI Clips, they make it so easy!

I like to use a little of the Fekkai Beach waves spray as well for added hold, texture, and on top of it all, the scent is so good!

Once you’ve got a small section at the bottom, begin to take even smaller sections of hair from that and using the Martino Split Barrel, add curl. With this curler, you take the section of hair and place in the center split, then wrap your hair around the wand and pull through.

If you need to brush the sections of hair before using the curler, I recommend the Wet Brush. This is one I always have on hand as it works without pulling for dry hair, and it’s one of the few brushes you can actually use on wet hair as well, without causing damage (‘cause ya’ll know it’s NOT normally good to pull a brush through wet hair, right? Just don’t do it… unless you have the Wet Brush).

After all the sections of hair are curled, use your fingers to pull through and separate JUST a bit.

That’s it! You’re ready for those beautiful waves to last all day.

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