Everything You Need to Create the Ultimate Garden

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping.. spring is officially here! Looking for some gardening inspo for this season? Well you’re in luck, because today we’re sharing our favorite products that will get you ready to grow the garden of your dreams!

Gardening Made Easy

Are you a gardening newbie? Then the Origami Greenhouse is for you! This versatile greenhouse will help you get started with storing all of your outdoor gardening products. The shelving space is perfect for pots and seed trays. This greenhouse surely will add a pop of color to your gardening décor! Looking for a planter without the hassle of straining your back or knees? The Improvements Raised Garden Planter is a great choice for growing flowers, veggies and so much more. The raised planter is wide enough to grow a lush garden from the comforts of your deck or patio, complete with a lower shelf for storing your watering pot. Lastly, save time and energy with the Water Right Garden Hose. Lightweight in design, this hose is flexible and won’t get caught in a kink. With a five-year warranty, and three fun colors to choose from, you will love this hose for years to come!

Stylish and Practical Products

Gardening is hard work, but your style doesn’t have to be! Stay fashionably chic while gardening in the London Fog Pull On Ankle Rain Boot! Whether you’re expecting rain or sunshine, these comfortable boots are great to slip on while getting your hands (and feet) dirty. Pair your boots with the Personal Creations Tulip Garden Customizable Apron for a fun, yet functional piece. With two pockets, you can store all of your gardening essentials at your fingertips.

The Perfect Plants

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly bloomed flowers! Add beautiful white, pink and red peonies to your spring time garden this season. For aromatic, luscious flowers, the Meadow Valley Fragrant Mixed-Color Peony 3-piece Collection are an excellent choice! Looking for more leafy greens? Brighten your garden with slender, pleated leaves with the Meadow Valley Garden Mix 6-piece Hosta Collection. We also can’t get enough of the Meadow Valley 6-piece Potted Patio Tomato Plant! These gorgeous tomatoes are low maintenance, super flavorful and work well in any size backyard!

What gardening products are your favorites for spring?

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  1. I love all your suggestions for creating a garden. I actually use an origami self unit to start my seedlings. It’s great because once I out everything out into the garden I can just fold it up or use for something else till the next time I need to start my seedlings.
    I would love it if origami would come out with a garden system so I could grow veggies on my deck. Sort of like a step system where you planter boxes that would come out a little bit further than the previous one. I have plans for a wooden one but don’t have a place to store it in the winter. A foldable origami one would be fantastic! I would be willing to share my plans if the company would consider making these.

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