Eva Longoria Brings Her Spring Collection To HSN

Eva Longoria knows a thing or two about femininity. As a woman who is always on the go, she understands the importance of feeling beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Fresh after her New York Fashion Week debut, Eva sat down with us to discuss her spring collection and her excitement about bringing it to the HSN customer. Her line includes versatile, flirty silhouettes that easily transition from day-to-night. The best part? Eva wanted her line to be affordable and accessible for ALL woman, so no designer price tag here!

H: Have you always had a passion for Style? How did you become interested in Fashion?

E: I have been sewing since age 7. Ever since I was 9 years old, I wanted a sewing machine. I started by sewing pillows and curtains, anything with a straight line, as gifts for my family. I then evolved into patterns and making dresses and costumes for my friends and family. I love fabrics and textiles, and am fascinated by the construction of a garment and how it falls on the body. Being involved in the process is important to me, I didn’t just want to be a name on the label. The fashion world has its own language and rules that fascinate me. I wanted to be involved and it was important to be authentically behind the brand. Creating it has been a dream—different than acting or anything I’ve ever done.

H: What inspired you to start your own collection?

E: I had the opportunity to finally dedicate time to launching a brand a couple of years ago. I found an amazing partner with Sunrise, and we were able to collaborate and bring the brand to life. Fashion has such long lead times, so it took a while to get things off the ground. My goal was to create a line that is accessible to ALL women, which was made possible by being able to leverage my professional connections.

 H: How have you added your personal style to your collection? How is your collection connected to your personal style?

E: Everything in my collection is an evolution of what I wear personally. I am inspired by fashion from around the world, and my line helps bring the fashion language from various contrived to all women.

H: Do you have a certain woman in mind when designing your collection?

E: I designed my collection for the woman that does it all. For women of all shapes, sizes and ages. The mom, daughter, working woman, etc.

 H: Can you tell us about the initial launch of your spring collection at New York Fashion Week? What did that mean to you to introduce your new collection items to the world?

E: I was so excited! It was magical and wonderful, and such a huge accomplishment. Definitely an out of body experience. It was a dream I never knew I had! I was so proud to talk about why I choose the line.

H: Why are you excited to bring your collection to HSN?

E: I love talking about the line, and speaking to the customers about the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind each garment. I hope to empower women with my clothing and give them clothing can wear and feel beautiful in.

H: Do you have any styling tips for the HSN woman when wearing your collection? What are your Spring styling tips?

E: Dresses – don’t be scared to wear them with casual shoes! You then also have the option to dress them up with a dress shoe when needed. Adding a bomber jacket with a dress is a great option. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Wear a simple top with trousers, and the look will elongate your legs and body.

H: When you are not acting, directing or promoting your fashion collection, what do you like to do for fun with your family and friends?

E: Drink Wine! Stay home with my family and children. I like to look nice even in the everyday, so items from my #SetLife collection work well for this. I can be comfortable and still be feminine, and causal in an elegant way.

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