Our New Host Tracey Shares 10 Fun Facts You’ll Want To Read


Hi, Community!

I’m so happy to be a new host and in the Community with you all! I can’t wait to surprise and delight you all with wonderful things to come on HSN! Since we can’t all meet in-person, I figured I’d share the top 10 things you should know about me:



1. Family is everything to me. I have been married for 18 years, and I am a blessed mom of 11-year-old twins.


2. My husband would say that I am a shopaholic and a chocoholic.


3. I LOVE NYC! From the fashion trends to the hustle bustle of the busy streets to the hidden neighborhoods that you stumble across, I love it all!

Tracey 4.JPG

4. I grew up in Cromwell, a tiny town in central Connecticut and still remain friends with many of my classmates.

Tracey 5.JPG

5. If I hadn’t gone to Syracuse University and then moved to NYC following graduation, I probably would not have met my husband. I totally believe in fate.

Tracey 6.JPG

6. My husband was a passenger on the “Miracle on the Hudson”. Yes, the plane that Captain Sully flew.

Tracey 7.JPG

7. Our Jack Russell Terrier is named Sully, in honor of Captain Sullenberger.

8. I love Mexican food – spicy and all!

9. I am a girlie girl! Bring on the glam!

Tracey 10.JPG

10. I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I hate to make time to go but I love how I feel when I finish.

Until next time!

– Tracey



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