The Wrap Design Perfect For On-The-Go Gifting

Wrapping gifts just got a whole lot easier with Erin Borges’ GoGo Gift Bags!

Every great invention starts with an ah-ha moment. For Erin Borges her moment happened to be during an exercise she’s far too familiar with: wrapping gifts last minute. After yet another quick stop to purchase a gift wrap on the go, Borges realized how expensive, unstylish and time consuming wrapping gifts truly is.

In an attempt to revolutionize gift wrapping for every busy mom on the go, Borges created a product that was fast, reliable, affordable and aesthetically appealing. Before she knew it, her ah-ha moment was transformed into the GoGo Gift Bag, a unique tissue paper installation system completely eliminating the need to ever purchase tissue paper in excess ever again. The two-in-one wrap design is an easy, more economical alternative to wrapping your gifts last minute. The bags are pre-coordinated and designed to impress, leaving a lasting impression based on more than just the gift inside.

The idea may seem simple, but it took hard work and determination for Bourges to bring it to life. She explained: “I dreamt about sharing my invention, the GoGo Gift Bag on HSN but it felt so far-fetched until things just started to fall in place. I’ve always believed that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. With the help of HSN and Good Housekeeping, I’m now partnering with IG Design group to obtain global distribution to make these beautiful bags accessible to consumers around the world, and I’m thrilled to see my dreams fast becoming a reality.”

Bourges is now working with IG Design Group to exclusively distribute her innovative GoGo Gift Bags globally. According to Webwire, this is the first business in her portfolio with a large scale direct to consumer capability.

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