The Ultimate Solution To Organizing Your Jewelry

Mompreneur to Entrenpreneur here to solve your jewelry frustration!

Growing up in the small confines of apartment living, Donna Walsh learned quickly the art of organization. As she started a family of her own, she soon realized this strength and used it to her advantage. Walsh decided to start her own business, sharing tips and tricks to her organization success.

In deciding how to specialize her talents, Walsh reflected back on her most difficult projects. Finding proper storage for fashion jewelry proved to be one of her biggest nightmares. She experimented with multiple different organizing products, but they never seemed to provide effective storage for her accessories. Never happy with what she could find, Walsh finally took it upon herself to create a solution when a friend came to her with an immense jewelry collection and nowhere to neatly put it.

After much trial and error, Walsh designed a product that held an extensive amount of pieces, keeping them well organized, easily visible and accessible, and more importantly, tangle free. Not only did this piece meet Walsh’s needs and expectations, but her friends and family fell in love with the product as well. They encouraged her to bring her masterpiece into the consumer marketplace and in 2014 The Ultimate Jewelry Scroll launched and “Creatively Clever Solutions LLC” was founded.

The Ultimate Jewelry Scroll stores over 150 pieces of jewelry, providing an organized display for bracelets, necklaces, watches, rings and earrings. The Scroll hangs behind any door or within any closet to store and display, and its patented rollup feature makes for easy storage and transportation.

Walsh now works hand in hand with partner Chelsea Home Imports, developing innovative and clever storage and organization products designed to impress.

“As I understand how busy life can be, my unique creative concepts are always designed and developed with a strong focus on ease of use as well as efficiency. A better-managed life will always enhance the quality of life,” explained Walsh.


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