The Towel That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

PJ McGuire’s all in one absorbent hair towel and protective styling cape Wrapperoo is saving women and men everywhere time and stress, hassle and mess!

Like so many busy women on the go, PJ McGuire was rushing to get ready one morning when a glob of styling gel landed on her shoulder. And in that all too familiar messy moment moment as she looked at her gorgeous and now ruined white silk blouse, the idea for the Wrapperoo hit her like a ton of hair spray.

As McGuire told HSN, as she was forced to change into a clean top, she immediately thought to herself, “Why isn’t there a product that can handle all of the mess of my hair and beauty routine? A towel and a cape all-in-one…that’s what I need!” That idea would soon become a woman’s – and man’s – new best friend in the bathroom for saving precious time and protecting precious strands when getting ready on the go.

A week after that lightbulb moment, McGuire created the first prototype out of an old towel and a broken umbrella. Months later, with the encouragement of her family, she took money out of her life’s savings, applied for a patent and started the journey of bringing her idea to the market.

The 2-in-1 Wrapperoo would become a hair towel that transforms into a protective styling cape. With two sides, a specially engineered absorbent T-shirt hair towel gently dries wet hair, reducing frizz and breakage on one side, while the other side is a water and heat resistant styling cape that keeps you clean and dry from drips, sprays, makeup, serums, powders, hair color and all of the beauty messes in between.

McGuire calls it “the Swiss Army Knife” of your hair and beauty routine. And in addition to all of the hair and beauty uses for women; men can use it for shaving and haircuts, and it is great for teenagers experimenting with their hair and makeup.

“I use a Wrapperoo at least twice a day, sometimes more,” exclaimed McGuire. “In the morning I use it to style my hair, put on my makeup and to eat my breakfast then brush my teeth right before I walk out the door. It truly does have more uses than you can imagine.”

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