Use Your Christmas Leftovers for This New Years Craft Idea

It always seems as though I have a plethora of gift boxes around as I pack up our Christmas decor. While they’re cute and shiny, and SO great during the holiday season, for gifting and for decor… they don’t really go once we turn the calendar page into the the new year.

What does go into the new year though, are boxes for organization and storage! I don’t know about you, but come the new year I want to clean out and purge just about everything. There’s just something about starting the year off with a clean slate… and clean closets, desks, countertops and vanities!

So while the seasons collide and we’ve got extra gift boxes from Christmas to put away and the need for storage for the new year, well, let’s just say it’s the perfect storm for a fun DIY!

To create these beautiful storage boxes that will make great desktop and vanity storage, start by gathering supplies.


First, use your spray paint of choice to coat the base of the box. I chose white to create a sleek look, and placed the bottom of the boxes face-down in an old shipping box to protect my patio from overspray. Make sure to use light coats of paint to slowly build up the color so you’re not left with drip marks. Let dry thoroughly! While it’s drying, let’s get to the lid.

Start with your cork sheet and lay face down on the table. Set the lid on top to measure where you’ll need to cut. I left enough edge to wrap over the lip of the lid and use scissors to trim. Snip a diagonal line at each corner, so that the cork can fold over the edges. Begin folding each side edge and slowly fold the corners in as well. It’s okay to trim extra here as you go so that it’s not too thick on the inside edge (you want the lid to still be able to fit over the base of the box).

Now your box is ready to go, but why stop there? Make a few for cute storage and organization around your home! It would be such a great way to keep those cords and wires put away on your desk or for lipstick storage on the vanity. Perfect for crafting table extras and more!

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