Simple Travel Toiletry Bag Hacks

We all love the idea of travel and seeing the world (or even our own state!), but packing a toiletry bag is one of my least favorite things to pack. I always feel like I’m forgetting something and it’s easy to wonder what will make it through security.

After a few years of travel though, I’ve got a simplified system that makes packing a toiletry bag so much easier, I know what items are needed and a few secrets for packing travel toiletries… and I’m sharing it with you today!

When it comes to travel essentials, it’s best to keep it simple. Packing items that can work double duty for you are a plus!


If the trip isn’t going to be too long, skip taking shampoo and conditioner altogether. A great dry shampoo can do wonders for your hair. Though if you know you’ll need to wash or will be more than a couple of days, thankfully there are travel sizes available of great products, like Biolage, so we don’t have to subject our hair to whatever the hotel has or expensive gift shop options.

A travel wand or hair dryer may need to slide in your bag if you’ll be washing, and between those few powerhouses, you’ll be good to go!


Like I mentioned, finding products that are double duty (and a plus if they’re non-liquid) is a huge advantage in travel. I take face wipes to be used as both makeup remover and cleanser. That leaves room for the heavy-hitters of the skincare world, like serum, moisturizer and eye creams, that thankfully all come in a travel size, while still packing an anti-aging punch.

Side note: I don’t leave home without my Foreo, and the mini is the perfect skincare travel companion!


Again, double duty products are the hero here! Foundation with an SPF, an all in one palette, lip color that doubles as a liner, etc. Travel sized products are perfect for your toiletry bag as well, taking along your full size primer or highlighter aren’t necessary and save valuable space when you opt for travel size versions you can just keep in your travel case!

Some makeup products I’ve been loving lately, by the way, is the new Christie Brinkley line!


Think of items you may use that you can switch to a solid form. Perfume is great for this and there are some incredible travel size or solid perfume options. Deodorant wipes take up less space, and even hair gel can be found in a solid form now as well!

If you take the time to make a list of everything you use on a daily basis, you’ll be much more prepared the next time it comes to packing, and you’ll more easily be able to see what you need to find in travel sizes or solid versions!

Happy travels friends, and happy packing too.

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