How to Pack Your Carry-On Like a Pro


Have you ever wondered how some people manage to fit everything but the kitchen sink into their carry-on luggage? For the longest time, I couldn’t pack for a weekend getaway without having to check a bag. Now, I can fit two weeks of outfits into a carry-on like it’s my discipline in the Olympics. If you need some help in the right direction, travel guru Samantha Brown has you covered with these packing tips.

Stop, Drop and Roll… Your Tops

You might think folding your clothes is the best way to pack a suitcase but opting to roll your tops instead will not only take up less space, it also helps any pesky lines and wrinkles from forming. I like to use Samantha Brown’s Microfiber Packing Cube 3-piece Set for maximizing the most space in my carry-on while also staying organized. To start, roll your shirts and neatly pack them into the largest cube.

Organize Your Electronics And Miscellaneous Items

Next up, you’ll want to organize your electronics and miscellaneous items like socks, hair tools, and sunglasses. The cubes are also great for this. Fill the remaining cubes with your accessories and electronics respectively. What’s great about these savvy organizers is they also help keep your hotel room clean and you organized once you reach your destination.

Fill Every Space

Now that you’ve filled your cubes, it’s time to fill your carry-on and we’re going to use every bit of space. Once you open up your suitcase, you’ll notice the space created at the bottom by the telescoping handle of your bag. Fill that space with your smaller items like undies, stockings and scarves to create a base from there. You won’t believe how much you can fit! Next, layer on your pants and other flat items and top off the suitcase with your cubes.

Dowel Bag For Easy Access

For everything else that you want to keep within arm’s reach, fill up your dowel bag. If you opt to not check your bag at the airport, most airlines allow one carry-on suitcase and another personal item like a purse or backpack. The dowel bag that’s included in Samantha’s 5-piece Classic Luggage Set is the perfect bag for easy access to items like your wallet, iPad and TSA-approved liquids bag (that she makes sure to include as part of your carry-on for continuous use). I love how the dowel bag has a flap on the back that slides over the handle of your suitcase, creating a secure and dynamic duo that travels with ease.

What do you think of Samantha’s packing tips? Have any of your own to share?


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