Everything You Should Have in Your Weekender Bag

Our lives are super busy, time seems to fly by and go in slow motion all at the same time. Keeping the balance of home, family, work and self is something that every person, let alone a busy mom, has to work on. I have found one way to help that balance is mini-weekend getaways. Whether I plan the getaway with my whole clan or a weekend away with my girlfriends, I have a few essentials that always make their way into my weekender bag.

The Perfect Travel Bag

I have found the perfect size bag for a weekend get-a-way! Not only is it big enough to fit all of my essentials, but it is super durable and fashionable, and it is on wheels so if I do over pack, I don’t actually have to suffer for it. Another plus is that it comes with matching bag pals! When I get packing for more than one person and need just a little more space, I can move our toiletries and other items to a second roller bag and can still feel chic while toting all of our necessities!

Travel Kit with Necessities

When I have the chance to get away, a lot of my thought process is how can I use this trip to pamper myself. As a mom of 4 and a mom-prenuer, my weekends away are all about fitting in as much relaxation as possible. While I love my arsenal of bath products I don’t want to pack a 50lb suitcase for 2 days, that would be a little crazy. So the easy fix is to invest in a Travel Kit, they come with lots of little bottles and canisters that allow you to bring your favorite suntan lotion, shampoo, face and hair masks, essential oils, etc. Also, I have a designated travel toothbrush, in the past I’ve forgotten to pack my toothbrush and I’ve been left to either go out and spend money on a new one or use the free hotel option. Neither things are horrible, but I prefer my own duo sonic toothbrush, so I chose to invest in two. I have one for home and one I keep in my travel kit on the ready for whenever a trip presents itself.

A Good Water Bottle

Water is life – it is great for your skin, your hair, your energy, your health. I am always trying my hardest to up my water intake throughout the day and one of the ways to do that is to always have it with me. My Asobu water bottle is awesome because it keeps my water cool up to 24 hours! I don’t know about you but warm water is not appealing to me in the slightest. On top of being awesome in its ability to keep my water cool, it is also super chic in its design.

Snack Packs

I live in Florida, so a lot of my weekend staycations or get-a-ways are within driving distance and usually have something to do with the beach. I have found that having snacks on hand in the car, makes for a happier traveling experience for all. Honestly, this applies to all kind of travel, whether it is for work or for fun having a prepared snack will keep you from spending money on the wrong kinds of foods and keep your energy levels up.

Portable Charger

We live in a device driven world and as much as I want to disconnect when I go on my weekend get-a-ways, I love taking pictures, listening to music, reading books on my iPad, etc. So while I may not be connected to work, I am still using my devices for entertainment. Enter the portable charger; this thing is honestly a lifesaver, the battery life on devices seems to be getting weaker and weaker and well, sometimes I don’t realize my battery is as low as it is until it is too late. Carrying around a charger is great, but you still have to find somewhere to plug in, and then you have to stay there for awhile for your device to charge. The beauty of portable chargers is that you can take it with you and charge on the go. Having one of these puppies on hand, is just smart in my book.

An Instax Camera

This isn’t necessarily an essential item, but I am a photographer and while I love taking photos on my Camera and my phone there is just something special and nostalgic about shooting on my Instax Camera. It’s a film camera so you only have so many pictures you can take. This is the opposite of everything we are use to in the current digital age, and I like the challenge it presents to be more selective about what memories I want to capture in film. Plus it is fun to share a piece of my childhood with my kiddos. The camera is simple enough to use, that my older 3 can use it on their own. I love watching what catches their eye and seeing their creativity bloom. Each film pack is 10 pics; one tip I have is to bring a pack designated for each child, or set a specific number of photos that each child gets to shoot. That way they know ahead of time that they get 5 pictures each and it keeps the peace while also encouraging them to be a little more thoughtful about what they are shooting.

Essential Clothing

It’s easy to overpack when it comes to clothing because we are never certain of what weather lies ahead or what our mood will call for, but packing light doesn’t have to be difficult! Stick to a simple color theme with items that mix and match, and you won’t have to take too much! A great pair of skinny jeans, a dress, a button up top, tee and tank and skirt can all work together to create multiple looks in all different kinds of weather and scenarios! Throw in sandals that can look dressy or take you to the beach and some sneakers for sight-seeing and you’ll feel like you’ve got a plethora of options with just a few items.

Essential Beauty

Weekend getaways aren’t meant for overpacking, but that doesn’t mean we want to leave all of our go-to beauty items behind. I like to bring along pieces that are quick and easy to use without taking up much space. A rollerball perfume is a great way to pack a favorite scent and this Juicy Couture fragrance is a perfectly light and fresh summer scent! Waterproof mascara will take you from poolside to dinner table ready and a great bronzer and shimmering blush will just play up that “on-vacay” glow for a night out! While we don’t want to fill our bag with heavy items, one essential we can leave behind is the sunscreen! Bring along something you’re okay with using on your face and body if you’re worried about space and make sure to apply so you aren’t ending your weekend away in pain from a sunburn. Top it all off with the perfect shade of gloss, and you’re all set for the weekend!

So tell us, what is your top, must-have item for a weekend away?! I’d love to know… maybe it will help me on my next trip! Do you have any fun summer plans ahead?

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