Calling All Travelers! Here’s How to Pack Your Sweater and Jackets the Smart Way

We’re headed into the season of holiday travel and sometimes packing can seem like a game of Tetris, though an actual game can be a little more fun than figuring out where each piece can fit from your carefully chosen wardrobe to tote along. Many times we try and plan ahead for each scenario, and then fill our suitcases with way too many items!

So when you’ve got a trip coming up, especially during sweater weather, keep these 7 tips for packing like a pro in mind!


Pack three tops to every bottom. Reduce the stress and only pack those items you feel most confident in and that way you won’t need all the alternatives and backups. When selecting tops and bottoms, keeping all of your choices in the same color pallet and interchangeable will leave you with so many options out of just a few items.


Speaking of that color scheme, start with just two neutrals for your basis, and build from there with two or three more complimenting colors (that can still mix and match). Or better yet, pack your wardrobe for the week around one shoe color!


Even in the cooler climates, only pack a few heavy or thick items and keep the rest lightweight. It’s easier to pack this way, and you’ll also have a great selection of textures to choose from as well.


Next comes the packing! Starting with a great suitcase full of pockets and ease of use, like this mobile dresser, makes it all the better, my dear. I love that I can pack different items in the drawers and pull them out at my destination without feeling like I’m undoing all of the packing I just did!


To roll or not to roll, that is the question. Rolling clothing items is a great choice for sweaters, knit fabrics, dresses and jeans. If the item of clothing has sleeves, first fold each sleeve crossways over the back. Then fold the entire garment in half lengthwise. Roll from the bottom hem up.


Folding the rest. Folding garments is best for more wrinkle-prone fabrics like linen, rayon and silk as well as jackets and thick sweaters. Then do it like the department-store way and lay your shirts facedown and flat. Center a magazine below the collar and using it as a guide, fold in the sides. Fold the bottom of the shirt so that the hem touches the shoulders and slide out the magazine from the top.


With your items gathered up and rolled or folded, you’re ready to fill er’ up! Pack away your footwear and heavier items at the bottom of the bag to keep the center of gravity lower so you’ll avoid toppling over. And while you’re packing those shoes, stash your socks away in there (you’ll save space AND the shape of your shoes in one swoop!).

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