5 Quick Tips To Be Carry-On Ready

Ready. Set. Take off!

When you’ve got a flight on the horizon, there are a few essentials to take along so that you can enjoy your flight and land ready for your destination. Let’s Go!

The Right Bag:

Not every bag is created equal. Finding one that both holds all your goods while still fitting in-flight as a carry-on (restrictions are growing!), is so important. I love a good roller bag so that I can save my back when trotting through the airport, and the size of this Samantha Brown tote fits SO many items and yet it easily stows while airborne.

Skin Care and Hydration:

It’s just a fact, flying is dehydrating, both for your body and your skin. Make sure to drink plenty of water and it will not only help your skin while you travel, but it will also help you fight jet lag. Since you can’t actually carry water through the security check-point, take along a refillable bottle and you won’t be stuck buying water at every turn.

It doesn’t take long for the air to begin effecting your skin in flight, so lip balm and lotion is a must! For short flights, this is usually enough, but on longer flights, it’s imperative to pay a little extra attention to your skin. Use wipes to remove makeup, apply moisturizer and take along a hydrating mist to refresh mid-flight! If staying bare-faced isn’t your thing (and I totally get that!), keep a few makeup essentials on hand as well… a tinted moisturizer, concealer and travel mascara are usually enough to make you feel presentable again for landing.


While in-flight meals are typically a thing of the past (unless you’re crossing the pond in first class), toting a few of your fave munchies can help keep your belly happy… and your sanity. If you’re anything like me, going too long between meals can lead to the “hangry” feeling, and that’s definitely something I want to avoid. It’s something we don’t like to think about, but delays happen and there isn’t always easy access to food, so keeping your bag stocked is the way to go.

In Flight Entertainment:

Relying on in-flight entertainment many times will leave you wanting. I’ve been on flights with great options and then the next flight (even same airline) offered none. So I’ve learned to bring it along with me! A tablet loaded with my favorite books and movies is always a top choice. Of course, don’t forget your portable battery charger and all of the cords you need. And another top choice? Noise cancelling headphones. Flights are always full of all kinds of distractions and noises, and even if you use the offered in-flight entertainment, you’ll need a pair of headphones. Bringing your own will make sure you’re always in play.

Other Essentials:

While I may not use all of my toiletry items in-flight, I don’t like to leave them in a checked bag where they’re more likely to get lost or delayed. I usually stow away my most used beauty basics in my carry-on. Items like a travel dryer, hair oil, dry shampoo (this is great for refreshing your “do” before landing) and makeup essentials are always within reach and have come in handy for those days my suitcase has been delayed overnight.

I also like to bring along an eye mask to block out light when sleepy, cozy socks (flights can get chilly!), a scarf that can double as a blanket, gum (to refresh breathe and also to chew for takeoff and landing to keep my ears equalized), my toothbrush, camera and laptop!

And of course, don’t forget all of your other essentials; pen, wallet with ID and medications!

I know it sounds like a lot, but it can make all the difference in the world, or at least in your flight! What are some essentials you can’t leave the ground without?

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