How to Start a Gratitude Journal Using Tombow

Are you looking to reduce your stress levels in 2019? A gratitude journal is a great way to reflect on the things in your life that you’re grateful for while lowering stress and becoming more self-aware.

But how do you actually get started keeping a gratitude journal? There are so many ways to express gratitude through journaling, but I’ve rounded up 5 of the easiest to take some of the guesswork out of it. After you decide which method will work best for you, just grab the journal of your choice and your favorite Tombow supplies and get started today.

1. Daily Gratitude Log

Probably the easiest way to get started with a gratitude journal is to keep a daily gratitude log. You can do this by simply writing down one thing you’re grateful for at the end of each day. Tombow Dual Brush Pen 10-pack and TwinTone Dual-Tip Markers (available in Bright and Pastel 12-packs) are perfect for this type of gratitude journal.

You can use the Tombow Dual Brush Pen to add colorful brush lettered headers, and jot down everything you’re grateful for with the TwinTones. Since the ink from both pens won’t bleed through most pages, they’re ideal for journaling.

2. Illustrated Gratitude Journal

Do you love to draw, or want to work on your drawing skills while expressing gratitude? An illustrated gratitude journal is a great way to be creative while practicing gratefulness. You can set up your illustrated gratitude journal any way you like, but the goal here is to draw the things you’re grateful for. You can choose to draw one thing daily, once weekly, or any other frequency that works for you. Use the Fudenosuke Brush Pen to add handlettered accents and Tombow’s Irojiten Coloring Sets (available in Tranquil and Vivid color palettes) to color in your illustrations to make them pop off the page.

3. Photo Gratitude Journal

If you’ve ever scrapbooked before, you’ll love this way of gratitude journaling. At whatever frequency you choose, paste photos of the people and things you’re grateful for in the pages of your journal. Tombow’s MONO Adhesive+ Permanent tape runner is perfect for this method of journaling because the adhesive tape advances to the very tip of the applicator after each use – ensuring you can get all the way to the edge of your photos (no fear of those edges curling up!). This adhesive is acid free and photo safe, so it won’t damage the precious memories you’re putting into your journal. Alongside each photo, write a little about the person or thing pictured so you can go back later and reminisce about everything that makes you happy.

4. Gratitude Prompt List

Sometimes it’s intimidating to stare at a blank page and wrack your brain about what you’re grateful for. If that sounds like you, then you might want to try using gratitude prompt lists. In this method of gratitude journaling, you simply respond to a prompt each day, week, or at whatever frequency works best for you. There are countless ideas available online if you do a quick search for gratitude prompts – just write out the ones you want to answer and leave space so that you can fill them in. Tombow’s Dual Brush Pens are a great tool to use for this type of gratitude journal if you want to add large colorful accents. The Tombow Zoom Pink Ball Point Pen is perfect for writing in your answers to each prompt.

5. Gratitude Quote Journal

Do you love inspirational quotes? In this type of gratitude journaling, you’ll use quotes to help you focus on how to express your gratitude. Use one page to write out or hand letter the quote, then on the facing page list what you’re grateful for that relates to the quote you’ve chosen. The Dual Brush Pens are fantastic for this type of gratitude journal because you can handletter a beautiful quote with the brush tip, then write out the things you’re grateful for by using the fine tip on the opposite side of the pen. Since these markers have water-based ink, they won’t bleed through most journal pages.

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