Everyone Wants a Sweet Sip of These Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails

There’s nothing like an adult twist on a classic childhood treat! If we take a trip down memory lane to some of the most nostalgic sweets you’ve had, I think we’d come up with many of the same answers… s’mores and cotton candy being at the top of our lists!

So let’s take a little of that nostalgia and elevate it a bit shall we?! I love the mix of whimsy and nod to childhood while also pairing a touch of elegance. Flutes brimming with champagne and a bit of pink spun sugar are a perfect sweet addition for any shower, girly brunch or birthday!

To start we made fresh cherry vanilla cotton candy — it was SO good! Of course, my kids were on my heels as soon as I plugged in the cotton candy machine and were eating it almost as fast as I could make it! I had to wrangle a few spindles away to save for this sweetened cocktail. But it was oh so worth it!

The recipe itself really is sweet and simple as well! Just add a bit of cotton candy to your champagne flute and top with your favorite champagne! I love the idea of setting out flutes with the cotton candy at the ready, it looks so pretty! Then when the time comes and all your girls are ready for their drink, top it off with champagne. It’s fun to watch the cotton candy bubble and melt away as the champagne settles over it.

I’d love to hear if you give this pretty in pink cocktail a try! Let us know what you think!

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