How To Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

There’s nothing like a Bloody Mary for brunch, or even all day long on New Year’s Day. It’s the perfect addition to any party, and even better when set up DIY style with a Bloody Mary Bar.

With all the fixings and toppings, your guests will feel like they’re feasting while sipping, and well, they kind of will be especially with the addition of grilled cheese triangles to the plethora of skewered toppings. So whether you like it spicy or tangy, strong or chill, a great Bloody Mary bar has a little something for everyone! Ready to get yours set up?

Start with the essentials and then build up from there. Of course, Vodka and tomato juice are the basics, so choose your favorites, and then have fun with all the toppings.

Below is a recipe for a classic Bloody Mary. I like to add lots of extras and set out all kinds of things for each guest to really personalize their own.

Bloody Mary Bar

Basic Bloody Mary Recipe

•    2 oz vodka
•    6 oz tomato juice or Bloody Mary mix
•    Horseradish
•    Black pepper
•    Worcestershire sauce
•    Celery salt
•    Hot sauce (optional)
•    Lemon wedge

Instructions: Run a lemon wedge over the rim of your highball glass and dip into some flavored salt, like one of the Golden Door Salts, so good! Fill the glass with ice. Pour in vodka and tomato juice. Add a small pinch of your favorite salt, then a big dash of Worcestershire sauce. Next add the horseradish, black pepper, and hot sauce to taste. Squeeze in the juice of one large lemon wedge, then stir.

And now the fun begins!! Have you ever heard of a crazy shake? Well, I think a crazy Bloody Mary is the best way to go. Plus this drink always looks so good in a glass!

Bloody Mary Recipe
Bloody Mary Recipe

Add a Salad to Your Bloody Mary

•Cucumber slices
•Kosher pickle spears
•Gherkins (mini sweet pickles)
•Pimento or cheese stuffed green olives
•Pickled okra
•Pickled Beets
•Pickled jalapeños
•Pepperocinis, peppadews or other peppers
•Colored carrots
•Marinated artichoke hearts
•Marinated pearl onions
•Baby corn


Top Your Bloody Mary With a Bit of Protein

•Cooked shrimp
•Beef jerky or pepperoni sticks
•Steak Bits
•Hard-boiled eggs
•Cheese cubes
•Grilled cheese triangles


Give Your Bloody Mary a Little Zest

•Old Bay seasoning
•Seasoned Golden Door salts
•Lemon pepper
•Freshly ground black pepper
•Pickle juice
•Tabasco sauce
•Frank’s Red Hot sauce
•Hot sauce
•Worcestershire sauce
•Steak sauce
•BBQ sauce

Have plenty of ice on hand. Bloody Mary’s are best when refreshingly cold so top glasses to the rim and serve!

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