Transition Your Home for Fall in 5 Easy Steps

If you are anything like me, you look forward to the changing of the seasons because among the many other things, it gives you a reason to revamp your home decor. This year is flying by and before we know it fall will be upon us. I am a planner, so you can bet that I have already been thinking of ways to transition our new home into the crisp, colorful season of fall.

For me there are 5 simple steps that take my space through the changing of the seasons:


I am a big fan of throw pillows and blankets. I love that just by switching a couple of them out, they can bring new life to your space. When it comes to fall, I like to find pillows and blankets that have a fluffier, cozier feel to them. I lean towards faux fur, knit and anything thick and plush.


For me this goes hand and hand with the above step, choosing a color scheme for your decor items that are deeper and richer in shades can bring depth and warmth to your space. The cozier a space is the more it feels like fall in my book.


When it comes to seasons I truly believe our brains have scent memories and triggers, for example, for me finding that perfect pumpkin spice candle or wax warmer is all I need to feel like it’s time to layer up and watch the changing of the leaves.


If you are lucky enough to have a fire place in your home, this is where it’s beauty is meant to be on full display. Having the sounds of crackling firewood and the warm glow of the fire light saturate your living space is a perfect way to get into the spirit of fall. For this, if you do not have a fireplace, don’t fret, there are some amazing faux fireplace videos on YouTube that you can play on your TV. They give you the sounds and feel of a fireplace without costing you a cent!


In my opinion I saved the best for last. Yes, this step is going to require a little more time and effort, but I truly believe going through your homes’ closets and taking the time to clear them out and organize them is the best way to prep your wardrobe and home for the next season. Starting off this next part of the year, finding the perfect space and system to take care of all of your wardrobe belongings is a fresh start to a new season.

Happy fall friends, I hope these 5 tips help you and your home move into this new season on the right foot. As always, be sure to tag me @hsn, we’d love to see pics of your “fall-i-fied” homes and hope you share any tips you may have on how you make the transition from season to season.

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