The Table Isn’t Set Without This Easy DIY Centerpiece

Now that we’ve passed most of August and the kids are back to doing school work, I have felt the call to embrace all things fall and with that comes another fun DIY! I decided that our family table needed a little sprucing up, so I set out to don it with my very own centerpiece. I am not going to lie this project isn’t high on the difficulty level by any means, but overall it packs a really big, festive punch! All it requires is some time and patience to get the look that you are going for. Another great think about a centerpiece like this is that it doesn’t use a lot of height, making it the perfect centerpiece for a dinner party or gathering because you and your guests can all easily see and talk to each other across the table without a tall centerpiece interfering!

Here are 3 easy steps to make your very own fall DIY centerpiece:

1. The first step is to acquire all of the decorative items you want to incorporate into your design. For ours, I wanted to keep things fresh but I also wanted to add a bit of ambiance. That being said, I fell in love with these twinkling light-up gold branches and knew that I wanted to incorporate them into my design. I also grabbed a few of my fave fall scented candles to add to the glow and keep it slightly rustic for our #FarmHouse table. Of course, we couldn’t leave out the greenery, so my solution was to head into our backyard with some shears and get to cutting a few the lower pieces from our evergreen.  Lastly, I wanted to add a little bit of color and found some faux flowers that fit the cozier, warmer hued look I was going for. Once you’ve decided on and gathered all of your items as well, its time to create. Side Note: because we were working with some real greens this centerpiece was quite organic in form,  I found it easiest to clean off the tabletop where the centerpiece would stay and build it/form it in place. That way I could make it the perfect size.

2. This step is the fun part, it’s time to start layering in your pieces for your base! I found it best to lay a foundation of natural branches on the bottom. Then I placed the gold, light branches on top of the first layer, with one more small layer of the evergreen pieces woven in on top. This part of the process may take a little finesse as all of the pieces are going to want to do their own thing and you have to fit them together. Take your time and work with each piece. Flip them over and around until they fit into your vision like a puzzle piece. If you find that some of the branches won’t do what you need them to, my tip is to grab some clear fishing wire and tie the trouble pieces into the centerpiece in a few places. It gives you a little more control over those reluctant pieces.

3. Once we’ve got the base completed, it’s time to accessorize, so we are going to add our faux flowers and candles into the mix. I decided to keep the flowers in the center of our piece because that looked the best for our table but you have free reign to place them where you think they would shine. One benefit of placing the flowers in the center was that they helped cover the area where all of the branches intersected.  You couldn’t see it so much from the side but it was noticeable from the top and in my opinion that area needed some extra love and attention. The flowers were the perfect solution. As the finishing touch I just added in the rustic jar candles to create that warm, inviting atmosphere throughout our living space.

Once you’ve done all of the above steps, you are all set and it’s time to plan a festive fall party to show off your new DIY pride and joy! 

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